Maternity Pics

Today, five years after the due date of my very first baby--who kept us waiting for another 8 days--I'm here with some major mea culpa-ing to my beloved third.

This pregnancy has been ROUGH. And I'ma tell you straight up that the guilt is real--I have been on bed rest for 3 months. It's been such that I can't even be on KamMak (my MacBook Pro, named after the immortal Kam Chancellor). I feel awful. I know it isn't my fault and I can't do much about it, but Roger and Juliet both had little posts every day for the last 100 days of my pregnancy with each of them where I plan to make a little book for them someday. You can check those out here for Roger and here for Juliet.

Not for Tati.

Oh and that--her name is Tatiana Rose. They each got a "what the name means" post. Again, here is Roger's and here is Juliet's (technically hers has two parts; I provide the link to both!). And Tati will get one...eventually. But not the day after her gender and name reveal like the first two.

So yeah, I am behind the ball with this one. Sister is due in 10 days.

BUT this girl is no less loved. No less wanted. She is ultra special because we thought we couldn't have more kids and our dreams of four kids seemed to be slashed to two. But then we were pregnant and this sweet & fierce girl has been one tough cookie through constant vomiting, the first half of gestation spent crammed into a hotel, constant stress from a litany of health issues related to pregnancy and other unexpected complications. This lady is beloved and wanted. Her big brother and sister talk about her every day and ask when she'll be born.

So, that said, the cramping is starting and I need to get KamMak off my lap. But enjoy these few shots from sweet Tati's maternity and family photoshoot, and if you want to see the whole album you should be able to access it here.

Next post? Lord knows how long it will take but by the grace of God it will be us introducing you to our baby girl!


  1. My favorite is the one of you and Jason, though you are gorgeous in the looking down one. Such a sweet family. Momentos have already slipped with Lydia but who knows with the next! These maternity pictures are a good start. You can tell how loved Tati is...

    1. You are the sweetest <3 I am so excited to meet her! I just didn't expect things to be such a struggle this time around. My body hates paegnancy now, apparently. But by the grace of God she'll be in my arms soon and all will fade away!