Getting Busy!

Ok, kids, I told you in my last post that I'ma be writing like I mean it, like I actually believe Jesus when he's speaking to me. So, over the weekend I did some WERK.

First, I went through and, as best I could, cleaned up broken links. My blog used to be a .com site but some unfortunate difficulties with the domain caused me to switch over to .net a few years ago; unfortunately, a lot of early entries gave you 404 errors when you would click on links to even earlier entries because they still read .com. BUUUUT hopefully that's all fixed now. Do let me know if you have no life are reading old entries and stumble across broken links!

Secondly, for like a zillion years those pretty bits that Lizzy created just under my blog name have read, simply, *stay tuned*

Those links gots real stuffs now!

Welp, NO MORE! I filled 'em all out. They may transform over time, but they are no longer empty, barren landscapes of nothingness. You can click up top, or, for the exquisitely lazy, you can read them here. They'll keep ya busy because #tamilong




Enjoy! I'll be back later this week with one of the zillion entries floating around my head! Until then, let me know what you think and give it to me straight.

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