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I'm onto the REALLY important stuff now.

Jason has always been super supportive of my writing. Honestly, my #1 fan. He consistently tells me that he loves me writing, wants me writing, and asks how he can help me focus on my writing. I mean, just come on already, amirite? Best husband. I got a good one! ;)

But it's been rough. Not just because of time and health issues, but the biggest problem is a computer. I got a laptop in August of 2010. I realllllly wanted a MBP (MacBook Pro) but oy vey, da monay. And we had none. We did an HP Envy because it was so much cheaper than a MacBook. As in, like 35% of the price for a similarly capable model.

One problem the Envy always had, though, that I probably should have addressed with HP right away but just never did was a design flaw in the trackpad. I think maybe the base of my thumb would tap the pad when I was typing? But the point is that wherever the cursor last was positioned on the screen, I would accidentally tap the pad, and then it would jump to where the cursor last was so I would accidentally end up typing in the middle of a sentence somewhere else. Does that even make sense? Point is, ANNOYING. I just dealt with it, though, because meh.

But then the machine started getting uber slow. Like, slooooooow. As in it would take like 30 seconds of not typing for about 20 words I had written to show up on the screen. We have always kept crap off it, as Jas is a software dev and used to work in IT, and while I am quite technologically competent, bro is a tech whiz. We reinstalled Windows and always tried to keep the processes going at any time quite lean. Didn't help.

Jules helping Daddy work on his BatMac

I would get SO frustrated while writing that I would just give up. So I very rarely wrote. Once it hit me a couple of weeks ago that I could use Jason's BatMac (what we named it because of the skin we put on it) to write during the day while he's at work, I wondered why I am such a dummy who never thought about it before. But then life happened and I'd be finishing up posts at night when I thought Jas didn't need it but it caused some tension.

He told me that he loves me writing, wants me writing, but he wanted his BatMac back. So, why not get me my own? Or even him upgrade and hand me down his? The new one is the same model as his, so it works for both of us. So...guess who's getting her very own MBP after EIGHT YEARS of wanting one?

This gal!

Saturday our dear friends are watching the kids most the day to do a trial run for watching them for a week while we go to the Liberate conference in Florida next week (!!!! And yes, I will try to write a bit 'bout that before we go), so instead of chilling in Redmond we're going to pick up the new MBP in Portland and eating tasty PDX food far.

I can't even handle it.


Navy blue + white + gold (in this case, tan) is my love language.

These are my gorgeous new accessories. Lurve them. I was gonna get a boring black neoprene sleeve but then saw the chevron and myohmy. Navy and white stripes with gold are what my insides look like if you cut me open.

Now, you get to help me choose a Seahawks decal. My faves are 2 & 3 but I am so torn!

Choose your fave!

You can cast your vote here in the comments, or on my Instagram (which is public) or on Facebook on my public blog page; you can just comment on the entry for this post.

I'll choose a winner Friday!

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