Home Sweetest Home

So many feels tonight.

I'm home after an incredible week. I will have so many words, as my heart was writing away in my head the entire time I was there. Because when my heart gets full words spill forth. You don't even know how many notes I have to create on my phone with ideas about posts that I don't want to forget before I can actually write!

But for now, I will say that I am so incredibly thankful. I'm grateful that I got to go sit and soak up Gospel truth for three full days. Then Jason and I enjoyed just being with one another and the beauty of the Florida Keys. I'ma have a whole post just dedicated to how much grace there was to my marriage in a few short day's time...but speaking of time, I need some to be able to get that done.

Today we flew home, and my word, I am just reminded how much I love it here.

I really love saying "just" a whole heck of a lot. Just sayin'. #youseewhatididthere

I got straight up emotional seeing this tag on a
bag as I boarded our last plane.

See, there was this moment on Thursday when Jason and I were driving around Ft. Lauderdale and suddenly I said, "THAT'S WHAT'S WRONG!" Jason, a bit freaked out, looked at me I guess expecting a second head to burst forth from my shoulder.

But you know what it was? After the initial allure of the palm trees wore off, I was looking around as I was traversing the FIVE THOUSAND HIGHWAYS in the area and became overwhelmed by...well, the nothingness. Just a sky dotted by palm trees and the knowledge of an endless amount of people and buildings and humidity.

Here, at home in the insane beauty known as the greatest place on earth--I mean, the Pacific Northwest--you're never more than a bend or small hill away from views of huge, glorious mountains. There's the mountain, Mt Rainier, but there are also the Olympics to the west and the Cascades to the east. And they are MOUNTAINS. As in, you can't just drive for 20 minutes and hike a half hour up to the top like on the east coast.

[I lived in North Carolina for two years. People would ask me if I had been to the "mountains" and I would choke on my spit. Because, yes, Asheville is gorgeous. But dem Appalachians ain't no MOUNTAINS.]

These are sharp and craggly and zippered apart. They are full of rocky cliffs and tree lines and snow. Your mind goes nuts realizing every ridge probably has a name and who even has time for knowing stuff like that? They are terrifying and majestic. And I love them.

And then more emotions when I saw these snowy peaks,
because I knew we were just moments from home.

I mean, I love looking at them. I am an avid indoorsman. I put my PNW roots to use best by thinking about how beautiful my surroundings are when running errands.

But ahneeway, the point is that no matter how much I love going anywhere, my favorite part is always coming home. I just love it here. I can't live anywhere else. Not even though I love Tullian and wondered if we could ever handle living in Florida, the land of endless summer (no, really, some bros in a truck in Key West had a special license plate declaring the state to be just that). But nope. Just nope. Lovely to visit--so lovely we already bought tickets to next year's conference--but the Puget Sound is home.

Add in our kids, and today was a highly emotional day. I love them beyond comprehension. The few hours we had with them before bedtime were spent putting off unpacking so we could soak up copious amounts of snuggling.

This lovely lady wanted to take many pictures with her mama <3

A wee bit blurry, but Jason's theory is that our precious boy is
hoodie obsessed because so is his mama!

And then there's the fact that I am currently soaking up the final few moments of the glorious wonder known as Parks & Rec. *sob* Why are all of my shows ending? But it's a good end to a great show. And yay for Netlflix and TiVo and endless ability to rewatch.

So I'm breaking all the blogging rules, posting this at 11pm, but know that many posts are in the works and I hoooooope to be making good use of this space.

Now excuse me while I cry myself to sleep with visions of Andy Dwyer's broken leg and the non-spoilery things I'll say about the perfection that is ending as I wrap up these words.



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