I {heart} Tullian


This is why I love Tullian.

We can say we don't believe God helps those who helps themselves, but don't we live the opposite of that? 

I sure do. Trying, trying, trying. Do and say and think and feel and be all the right things because God is holy, doncha know. Trying to raise myself from the dead and prove to God that saving me wasn't a waste of time.

Tuesday's post just hit me anew after writing it,like someone else wrote it and really got into my head and heart. That happens to me with other people's posts all the time, but to have my own hit me that way was new! But man alive, I can't do this Christian life thing very well on my own, so when I heard this quote in a Tullian sermon (part 4 of his Romans series) I just had to share it!

Let us remember that dead people don't raise themselves up to life today. Let us honestly admit our need of the one who does.

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