The Hagglund fam after our first 5k as a family of 4 in May.

As you may know, I had been training to run two 5ks this spring. Though health issues forced me to stop running, our family is still walking a 5k tomorrow to raise funds for Eastside Academy.

EA is our very favorite charitable cause--because it's helping students who are on their last legs. These are kids that society simply gives up on. No two kids are alike--some have been to rehab, others have simply found themselves with nowhere left to turn. Some kids have invested, loving parents desperately finding anything that can help with their child while others are functionally orphaned.

We have seen EA play a role in changing the lives of young people we love very, very much. It is our joy to raise money that helps pay for teachers, facilities, and the many bits and pieces it takes to run a school. Our favorite part is that every student gets the opportunity to hear that they need not succeed just to have a "good citizen" life; rather, they get to hear that Jesus LOVES them. Not all students become Christians but many do, and that plays a huge role in their changed lives.

So, would you consider helping us raise funds for these amazing kids and their equally amazing educators? If yes, please go here to donate:

Hagglund Family EA 5k Fundraising Page

Thank you so much!

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