Just Keep Running, Running, Running

So in March Roger started going to a special pre-K class for kids with significant delays and special needs (his due to autism) plus, 3x a week, a specialized program called SNAPS for kids with autism. I've written before about the ways this changed our family routines, but one thing I haven't touched on is just how hard it is for life to be a whirlwind of appointment to appointment with our kids, with so very precious little time to do the other normal daily stuff of cleaning our house or shopping for groceries or getting gas or, you know, maybe taking care of myself.

It's interesting how things go because I had been yearning for my days just before I got pregnant with Juliet. In those days I took Roger to this glorious park near our house at the time called Robinswood. I was doing Couch to 5k training (hereon referred to as c25k), which means that I was going from zero percent in shape to running. Theoretically to running 3.2 miles straight, without stopping, in 35 minutes. I wasn't very fast and the weight wasn't dropping off like I hoped, but I felt so very good just being in better shape.

[For those who don't know, my pregnancy with Juliet was incredibly difficult: I was very sick the entire time and could hardly stand, let alone run (at the time of that post I was just days away from finding out I was pregnant, which explained my extreme dizziness), so I was forced to stop. And just as I was starting to amp back up, Roger's autism diagnosis hit us by surprise and my health went waaaaay down the list in priority. But now that we're a year into life A.A., I've been able to work into new rhythms.]

My adorable running buddy.

So I like running. It's a dream to be a runner. However, I really never like to be more than 5 minutes from a bathroom. I have the stupid smallest bladder in the world and apparently pelvic floor muscles impervious to exercise because when I gotta go I gotta go now and I just don't like risking it. The reason I loved Robinswood is that it's a paved .3 mile loop that let me never be too terribly far from el bano.

So, when Roger started school, I thought I might be able to work exercise in but I had no such parks here in good ol' Redmond. This makes the treadmill (I still have my wonderful Christmas miracle treadmill! Woot!) ideal. EXCEPT that it's spring, it's beautiful [fact: I just tried to use the word "glorious" for like the fourth time. Ok, thesaurus brain, get going!] outside, and I'm already up and out at 8:30am, so I might as well make the most of it.

Well, wouldn't ya know how Jesus is so sweet to me, one morning after dropping Roger off at school I had to go to the bathroom. Home was a 15 minute drive away, so I decided to do a quick drop in at a park we had been to before. Jesus was sweet to me because said park is 2 minutes from Roger's school, and my silly little bladder led to the realization that Perrigo Park is basically the Redmond equivalent of my beloved Robinswood Park from our Bellevue days! It's a .4 mile loop with a big, clean, HEATED bathroom that I'm pretty sure is open year round. Whaaaa?? Unbelieveable!

Perrigo Park! The gray line around the green blob of fields is where
I go running running running 4 times a week.

So I decided to that first day, March 14, to just go for a walk. But then I'm me, and I never feel like what I'm doing is good enough, so I decided to just jog for as I could--it was 2:16 (as in minutes and seconds) and my exercise induced asthma hit so hard that I was raspy for almost a week. And that's pretty much that.

Except, no, not really. I decided to start c25k training again. I still have this dream of being a runner. Not just someone who goes through spurts of trying to jog, but someone who stays in good enough shape that any day I want to I can go running for 45 minutes and it's not big thang. Today, two months later to the day, I can run for 35 minutes without stopping. I can't quite run 3.2 miles in that time--I went from a 12:50 minute mile at one mile to about a 14:45 minute mile at 3 miles--but I'm getting closer!

I have so much more to say, but for today I should cap it. Don't need no 55 minute essay, cramming 2 months of thoughts over 30+ hours of exercise into one post. But I'm running again and am excited to finally get these thoughts on paper.

For now, I'm going to start asking you to join me in this journey by supporting the 5k I'm running on June 14. It's to support an amazing school called Eastside Academy. They support at risk youth, kids who have reached their last resort and there are no more options. Many of those kids graduate high school and get a chance at life. So, if you can spare even $5, would you consider helping me raise money for this incredible school? You can learn more and donate here on my Eastside Academy 5k Fundraising Page.

Thank you so much! More to come. The next post talks a lot about the Seahawks (be still my heart!) so I'm excited to post that early next week :)

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