Hiatus Over, I Hope!

I hope everyone had a super lovely Thanksgiving! Here is a lovely little montage of our family having our own day this year. Usually we go be with extended family, or do "orphan" Thanksgiving with friends who don't have any family nearby. But this year our extended family wasn't able to host and we just really needed the down time for the four of us.

I did this all by myself! Slow roasted overnight--it was amazing.*

It's been a long, long year. I LOVE the Timehop app on my iPhone. Basically, it allows you to see the various things you posted on this date in the past. For me one year ago it's a whole lot of hard times. Remember this, my first post after Juliet's birth that came almost two months after she arrived? There aren't many posts since then, actually. But the next few are rough. It was a deeply painful time. Minimal sleep, raging hormones, post-partum depression (though I didn't know it yet) and a baby who never slept unless...well, actually, nothing. Because let's be honest--20 minute spurts do not count as sleep!

And then, in May, when Juliet was 7 months old and we were feeling human again, we had Roger tested to see why he, at 26 months, wasn't talking yet. May 10, 2013 is a day that changed our lives forever, the first time we heard the word "autism" in conjunction with our precious, beloved son. Jason wrote an amazing post that quickly jumped over 500 hits, which is a lot for my humble little blog. I've written about that, and this isn't much more to say in this post (to be clear: there is more to say, just not for this post).  But that caused May through August to be filled with insurance battles and meetings and more meetings and testing and the unknown. After the diagnosis came family time, just settling into our new normal and grieving and enjoying our son. Then it was the start of the new schedule, of CUBS class and private therapy and home visits and intentionally manipulating our environment at home to encourage Roger's growth. Oof.

But now I am starting to feel a little like I can breathe again. Life is full and hectic and we're still serving in many areas at church, plus normal small group stuff, but I am thinking that maybe just maybe I can start to figure out how to utilize this space again. There's so much to say, really, but this is just a little start.

Thanksgiving 2013, Hus av Hagglund style.
And yes, Roger is LICKING the gravy off his plate. Methinks mama done good.

If things go as I hope then the next post will be something tragically overdue. You see, last week I was able to spend an hour alone at Starbucks and the heavens opened and angels sang and Jesus rode the clouds down from on high. I decided I wanted to read Juliet's birth story. So I went searching through my blog and...nada. I thought I had it saved as a draft and accidentally never published it so I went to my unpublished drafts and...nada. Cue spending the next 45 minutes searching every digital corner of the internet and my various electronic devices and it was nowhere to be found. Let's just be honest--there were tears. Birth stories are super precious to me. I love having Roger's birth story written, to reread from time to time, especially when it's nearing March 11th each year. Not having Juliet's just breaks my heart, because it's been almost 14 months. Not the same as writing it when it's all fresh and new. But I do have a pretty good memory, thankfully, and Jason can help. So my goal is to have it written and posted on Wednesday, though I think I want to post a copy of it with a date closer to her actual birth in October of 2012** so it will be easier to find in the future.

So there you go. See you again soon, and regularly, I hope!

*If you'd like to try the slow-roasting overnight method, it was great! I recommend using a meat thermometer to be certain it reaches 170F, but here's the recipe. I shoved herbs inside. Next year I'll only use a wee bit of apple cider vinegar and the rest either stock or water because I didn't like the effect on the gravy. And I might try rubbing herbed butter under the skin. But anyway. Really done now!

**Done! You can read Juliet's birth story here!

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