Where, Oh, Where Can That Tami Be?

I know it's been awhile. This would be 80% of why; blame it on the 2.5 year old :)

But he's super cute and totally worth it, right? And yeah, that's short hair. It was silly long so though I love his shaggy look I couldn't put it off any longer.

In other news, we now have a one year old in our house!

Happy birthday to our darling girl. Can't even handle how much we love this lady bug. 

For fun, here are both kids at 1 year:

Finally, Roger started therapy last week. It's going well! Life is just INSANELY stressful. Like so filled up that I don't even have time to list it out for you. Just trust me on this.

Sadly, we just found out that Roger's therapy that we hope to transition him to when he turns 3 (the place he is now only provides birth-age 3 services) for the ages of 3-6 isn't $4,300 a year. It's $4,300 a MONTH. So we're praying and trusting Jesus. Either insurance really will cover 95% or we'll rest in Jesus' will with...the public schools. Something we hoped to avoid but know Jesus' plan is better than ours. Prayers appreciated, though.

So that's us. I do have a new keyboard but it's a matter of Jason having the time to install it for me. Until then, happy OCTOBER! The best month EVER.

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