August 1

So maybe you notice that it's not August 1. August 1 is tomorrow. But it's kind of a huge day. We have two big appointments that, Lord willing, will provide both some answers and next steps regarding the medical(ish) issue in our little family. But, for the worrywarts, it's not life-threatening. And I'll share as Jesus gives me freedom so pray I'll rest in him!

Tomorrow we also start Whole 30. Everything you want to know is right there in that link and it's a quick skim to get the drift. I can talk about that so here's a li'l ditty!

I have seen the paleo biz floating the internets. But really, I love dairy and didn't want it touched. Plus we're already gluten free (hereon GF) so I figured, "Meh, too hard, no thanks." But man alive, I have been busting my butt to lose weight, and it's sooooooo sloooooooow. Not healthy, 2 pounds a week slow. Like I eat and exercise such that my daily caloric deficit means I should be losing 4-5 pounds a week and instead I lose .5 to 1 pound a week. Not cool. I have lost 23 pounds, and I am grateful, but it's taken 5+ months and the first 6 pounds were super fast, likely water weight.

In addition, my eating is pretty healthy. Minimal sugar, no refined grains, GF, etc. And yet my stomach hurts. A lot. And Jason...he has all SORTS of unfun, uninternet friendly digestive issues. Suffice it to say, I was feeling that urging that maybe we should make a change, even one we don't want to make. And then my dear friend Emma mentioned she would be doing Whole 30 and was I interested? She sent me the book It Starts With Food and I decided to give reading 'er a go--feel free to check it out yourself.


As I read the book so much of it just. made. sense. And you can argue that other science contradicts their science, blah blah blah. I'm not here to proselytize (more on that in a minute). I just know it resonated with me. I particularly love how they stand on a 3 legged stool: science, the testimony of legions of customers who back up their claims (and they offer loads of their info for free so this adds some legitimacy), and me. They're biggest things is, basically [paraphrase mine], "Look, we can give you all of the data and science and testimonies of satisfied strangers but you give this a try. You have nothing to lose if you follow our regimen and decide it's lame, but if you do and find, like every other person who has done this and stuck with it for a minimum 30 (possibly 45-60 days, as your body might need longer to heal after 30 years of eating food that is horrible for your body), that you feel amazing and you have a healthy relationship with delicious food that doesn't destroy your body then really you've gained a LOT. You've basically gained your health and your life." And my husband, pessimistic doubter deluxe that he is, read the book and straight up said, "We have to do this." You can take one guess to who has been the greater tour de force in the lesser healthy food eating realm, so this was a big deal.

So I want to write about this. I want to share, both for the sake of it possibly being a good source of info for others but also because I want to log it for looking back, as I'm so apt to do. But here's the thing: I straight up am just sharing my life. I absolutely am not making this the only way to live healthy gospel. I also will not take verses like the body being a temple and tell you that THIS is the way you love Jesus and honor those verses. And lastly, while I plan to share in depth here as I am able (I hope for 2-3 times a week, maybe even almost daily if I can swing it!) I plan to be careful about posting tons of stuff to Facebook. If this changes my life then how selfish would I be to refuse to tell anyone else about it? For my friends who simply don't see giving up peanut butter as part of what they should do, though, I'm not going to shove Whole 30 / paleo down their throats all the time, not to mention possibly guilt people with why they / their kids / their dead father, etc, could be / have been perfectly healed had they only been paleo. That's just not what I'm about. Everyone doesn't need to be like me to be content.

But, in that vein, you know what has really changed my life in a way that everyone DOES need? He's a person, a God-man, the God-man, and his name is Jesus. I don't want to get all "GMOs are evil and the bees are dying and gluten caused the asthma that killed your baby and cutting the inflammation from sugar will cure your sin," because, ultimately, people straight up just need Jesus the Holy Spirit will do what he wants with the details. I hope my faith, my intimate relationship with Jesus lived out in community, is stable enough that people can eat cheese laden pasta with garlic bread and a milk shake and have peanut butter cheesecake every. single. night. and I don't question their love for Jesus nor do they even question if I would because I'm not on a Facebook crusade to cause them doubt.

[ETA: I'm not saying I'll never post about that stuff. For example, this article shows there is dire stuff going on. But I just don't want that to be the only thing, or even the primary thing I post about. Also not trying to guilt the people on similar journeys who post about these things a lot! This is simply a conviction Jesus has brought to me and my obedience is taking care about posting about these things. Never want a cause--even a really important one--to define me more than my belonging to Jesus.]

So there you go. Whole 30 starts tomorrow. Let's do this.

Where I am today: a bit nervous. I've been super excited and reading and thinking and planning, ready to just start already. But today I'm like, "put extra cheese in your eggs! Drink some milk! How can you get an excuse to eat peanut butter? Tonight we are eating a huge bowl of air popped popcorn and NON CLARIFIED BUTTER!" And I'm going to Costco tonight and I'm totally stressed that I'll forget something and have nothing to eat (as if that were possible) and then I'll just stupidly eat something that means I have to start the Whole 30 all over. I feel this pressure to do a perfect Whole 30 and not even let one tiny morsel of non-plan food pass my lips, because I want to prove something to myself. Ah, what an opportunity to recognize my sinful ridiculousness and ask Jesus to help me rely on him, to rest in him, to enjoy him as I (and Jason) embark on this journey we believe Jesus as called us to do.

On that note, I'm taking Roger on a quick jaunt to Starbucks. Last chance, duh!

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