Roger's Special Treat

Ok, friends, you know things were crazy when Jules first arrived. And by first arrived I mean the first four months of her life! I wrote some posts and apparently just...forgot about them. Awhoops. Dear friends also wrote posts for me that I plan to put up this month (May), too! Yahoo.

So, in lieu of writing new stuff and sending these old ones to die, I present to you posts from various points in the last six months :) Today's lovely is from February, right around Valentine's Day. Enjoy!


Roger has been having some tough times sleeping at night. Sometimes we go in and restart our bedtime routine strictly in his room (rocking & back patting, singing, praying, etc), but sometimes we reset by getting him up for a bit and then going back to restart the bedtime routine in his room.

One evening he happened to start crying what we call his pathetic cry (where he's clearly just terribly needy of his mama and daddy) and I was about to go out and grab a few groceries. I decided on a whim to give Roger a super special treat and let him come with me.

I won't lie--I worried a little about what people would think. Would seeing a toddler in Batman jammies out at QFC at 10pm make me look like a bad mom?

Then I decided to get over myself and give Roger the treat of special time with mama. Plus, Jason said one of his FAVORITE Matt Chandler daddy moments from a sermon is when he talks about how, every once in awhile, he'll take the kids in their jammies on a late night donut run. Just creating some special memories. Me taking Roger out reminded him of that. We're pretty dedicated to protecting our kids' bed times and giving them the gift of good sleep as best we can to set them up for success regarding helps with self control, emotion and temper tantrum management, and clearer minds for learning and growing. Not to mention he doesn't get much sugar and when he does he gets so excited! So, with all of that, I decided it would be an awesome special treat for Podge and off we went.

There were no donuts left that late but I got him some two-bite Valentine's cupcakes, replete with bright pink frosting and tiny red, pink, and white candy hearts. Here is a photobomb of his cupcake ravishing!

What a joy this boy is. I pray I always remember to balance responsibility with good ol' fun!

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