Getting It Together

Jason and I are going through the growing pains of figuring out life as a family of four. It's harder than you think!

Truth time: our finances have been a mess. Jason was convicted that he wasn't leading well and was hoping I'd pick up the slack, while spending even 10 minutes a night on Mint (the BEST money management system ever, and it's free. Gloriously free!) felt so overwhelming I literally cried a few times and just eventually quit tracking. Shocker, we went way over budget 4 months in a row and that really adds up!

The big offender is our grocery budget, and we only eat out a few times a month and even those outings are typically the $15-20 range at Jimmy John's or Chipotle. We try to eat carefully and never just go nuts with whatever we want at the grocery store for both health and financial reasons. I always meal plan and make lists. These are reasons why I feel like it's not fair that it's so hard to stay on budget and then don't want to deal with the disappointment of seeing that we went over. But praise God, he reminded me that it's his money, not ours, and I need to repent. Secondly, he wants us to have JOY in stewarding well. Discipline is rewarding and for our safety and good, not to make me feel irritated. He is changing my heart and that alone is a source of joy. I'm excited to stay on budget and meet the challenge, and with Jason leading well that makes all the difference in the world!

We've been poor stewards of these bad boys lately.

By God's grace we aren't in trouble, but it was time to really clamp down. Jason determined it was time to lead with the Holy Spirit at the helm. We spent three hours (oof) Wednesday night getting everything in order and making plans. We're now on a tight budget and it's good because we have serious student debt to pay off and just making minimum payments is never going to get us there!

Then there's exercise. I truly want to exercise but a gym membership isn't in the budget and even if it were I try so hard to get up before the kids and I just can't. I am so exhausted, and I have finally accepted that it's ok. It's a phase. Eventually my loveliest little, Juliet, will fall asleep earlier so I'm not up until midnight or 1am which will make getting up at 7 a gazillion times easier; maybe I will even not need to nap with the kids during the afternoons!

[And, for the record, yes, I sure have tried to go to bed at 10 and then wake up, but even if I can fall asleep that early knowing I'm going to be awoken any.second.now--and that's a rare if--when she wakes me up it feels like a nap and then I can't get back to sleep until 3, sometimes 4 or even *gasp* 5am. So there ya go.]

Me, in July 2010, at my smallest since I was like 15 years old.
I want to get back there, but without exercise it's rough.

So where do I exercise? Right now I'm trying to get out with the kids if the weather allows. Go to the park, or even just take a walk around our complex. I'm also hoping to get Jules into a routine enough that while she takes her first nap I can do some Kinect dancing and maybe Roger will join in or at least think it's funny.

And then there's this lovely space. I really do love writing. People tell me they are blessed by it. I do want to honor Jesus with the gifts and talents he has given me, and I am learning SO much through these little years. The time to do so eludes me pretty much all of the...time. So blurg! But night is a great time to write. I'm usually so exhausted I don't want to move, but I miss writing so I'm a go'n try mah darnedest to write en la noche :)

And there ya go. We be trying to get it together 'round here. Hope to be around more!

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