On Roger's Second Birthday

Today Roger is 2. TWO! I've been a mama for two years.

Want to see his birth album? Feel free to go look through the album we created on Facebook of his birth (nothing scandalous, don't worry--not how we roll!) by clicking on this link.

It feels like yesterday that he was fresh and new and in my arms after almost 10 months of waiting and praying and loving him without meeting face to face.

One of my first pictures as a new mama. Two full years have passed!

Then, just an hour or so old.


I wrote him a birthday letter and I won't post the whole thing because sometimes things need to remain private, special, sacred in the sense of not being made for the whole world but just for our family. That's something I'm growing in. I'll include an excerpt:

First of all, how awesome that your second birthday is a palindrome? 3-11-13 = 3-11-13 backwards. Boom.

I would never take away anything about this most special day, the day Jesus brought you out of my womb and into the world, but your birthday holds a very special significance in my heart, because today marks not just two years of your life but also two years of my being a mother.

Dear boy, what a joy it is to be your mother. Truly, on an almost daily basis I look at you, this remarkably happy creature, and marvel that of every woman on earth God chose to give me the honor and privilege of being your mama. 

There are many reasons I love spending every day with you. I don't think a day has passed in the last 15-16 months that you haven't belly laughed at something or another. And it's a real belly laugh--deep, deep down you giggle and chortle with glee. I love how you crack up when you fart...someday we'll teach you "excuse me" but until we can stop ourselves from laughing like total nutters we'll just be "that family" that laughs like maniacs over the passage of gas in any form. I can't count the number of times Daddy or I were about to go through disciplinary procedures and our serious and stern voices were melted into laughter because your silly laugh made it nigh impossible to keep a straight face! And your smile? Oof. Gets me every time. You smile with your whole face and your eyes twinkle. It's a feat, truly.

I love my sweet boy. He's such a gift to our family, a blessing of an arrow in our quiver. We don't know how many arrows will join him, but he'll always be our first.

Heck yes he is!

Happy second birthday to our Roger Nehemiah!

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