Yarn Letters

So you may recall me doing this when I was on bedrest in September, quite late in my pregnancy with Juliet:

Yarn letters for mah leetle layday!

Laid out on our bed once finished...oh, 5 months ago!

So tonight I finally got around to hanging them up! I was inspired by a Pinterest post that floats around now and then that uses masking tape to hang pictures, so here's how I rolled this little DIY project on out.

First, I set the letters how I wanted them spaced on the wall and ran a strip of masking tape along the top edge.

[Lest you freak and think, "Ahh! No anything in an infant's crib! She sleeps double swaddled and can't roll whilst as such (yet!), plus we watch her on a video monitor; the second she starts being able to squirm about things will come out until she's old enough, circa a year or so.]

Next, I used a Sharpie to make little dots where I wanted to place nails in the wall for hanging.

Then I placed the tape up on the wall (sorry, shoulda used the flash. Truth: I used my iPhone for this!)

I then placed nails in the wall just above the tape, so that I could just pull the tape off the wall. By the way, this is why I put the Sharpie marks along the top edge.

Finally, after a few adjustments (the "J" and the "L" needed a stabilizing nail hidden along an inner edge because they would. not. stay. straight!) I was done! 

I love them! What do you think?

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