I've wanted to write about 17 gazillion posts over the last 6-8 months that I've never had the time (or if there was down time, I lacked the energy) to get on virtual paper. Some I still think I'll try for eventually, as there are lots of pictures of recipes and pinterest DIY tricks and our gender reveal party (I had some cute stuff work out!) just sitting on my camera / laptop begging to be put into a post. Who cares if I post about the gender reveal party when that baby girl is old enough to bounce on my knee, right?


But there are two major posts my heart is just aching to get out before Juliet gets here. It hit me today that she's due in 3.5 weeks.


How does that sound so much shorter than 3/4 of a month or 25 days?

And I know SO many women, especially those in pain and not sleeping and constantly in fear of pissing their pants (it happens. It may have happened to me. Maybe like two hours ago. Or not. But probably definitely yes.) at the least opportune time feel like 37 weeks still feels like the due date is an entire lifetime away and don't you dare say, "Oh my gosh you're so close!"

Not so much for me. I'm that weirdo who cannot believe that after months and months suddenly that day is closerthanthis. To be fair, I only feel about 50% at most ready to get here (and most of that is because of working HARD this weekend with the husband who, praise Jesus, is done with his second bachelor's degree! No more school making him a dude who works 7 days a week!) so some of my, "Ack! It's SO SOON!" feelings are certainly due to that. But honestly even if she had one of those shrine nurseries all over Pinterest and I could birth her on her bedroom floor and get right to mothering her without a hiccup I'd still feel that it's way soon.

I'm also that weirdo who REALLY wants her to stay in until 40 weeks, no matter how much pain I'm in and how I never sleep and all of that. I just feel best about her having the full 40 weeks, even a few days extra, to get ready inside of me before coming out. If Jesus says, "Nope," and she comes tomorrow I'm actually ok with that. And it's not because I'd love for her to have an October (aka GREATEST. MONTH. EVER.) birthday...I just like my babies staying in the full 40 weeks. It's just my thing, so bring on the rib breaking (that's how it feels, at least) and bladder crushing and not sleeping and back aching and hip and groin and everything hurting business--I've been there for the last few months, anyway, so what's a few more weeks? That's how I see it :)

But snap--the Rog Podge is not only awake early but he's also uncharacteristically crying to be relieved from his crib so this is as much as I get to say!

I'll just say that the two subjects I REALLY want to write about are thoughts about having a daughter in general and why it's beautiful and wonderful and terrifying all at once, and then SO MUCH that's been happening in my heart regarding weight and body and identity and baby and feeling like pretty much the grossest body dweller ever. So maybe just getting this out there will inspire me to get on that already :) Your prayers for that appreciated! Until then, much get angry boy!

Just for fun, another maternity pic because I LOVE it, my chunk arm and all!!

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