Guest Post: Britt from Art by Britt

I adore Britt. Have you ever had a friend that is clearly a soul mate who you haven't actually met in person? Or maybe someone you met briefly that lives far away but your relationship goes on as if you had been super close earlier in your lives and just moved apart? That's Britt for me. I originally just loved this art I saw at church, and then stumbled across her blog just as she was moving from nearby all the way to California. But we've grown to have a sweet relationship, thanks primarily to our blogs and Facebook. I think you will LOVE her too, so check out this post, then go read her blog, and be super blessed by commissioning yourself some of her fabulous art!


On being an artist while being a mommy...

This whole being an artist while being a mommy thing hasn’t worked so well for me. See, I love both. But I can’t do both at the same time. I’ve found that my attention, intentions and affections are pulled in two different directions. I’ve found that while my paintings seem to touch people’s lives, move them to tears, and inspire others to create, my paintings do not put yummy meals on the table or fold the laundry or snuggle with my baby when she isn’t feeling well. Does that even make sense? 

I intend to paint something I’m inspired by but my daughter takes a short nap and just wants to play. Is it more important to get that inspiration down on canvas or just play on the floor with my sweet girl? Of course we all know the “answer” to that but somehow there is still that tug that says I’m not doing anything of great importance if I can’t paint that picture, sell it for money, post it on the internet and get lots and lots of comments, recognition and attention about it. 

I’ve been convicted in recent months that while my gifts and talents in the area of art are important, it’s not the most important. I’m learning that recognition of the world (even for something as “ministry” oriented as painting scripture on canvas) pales in comparison to being a good wife and mother, someone who makes Jesus proud. So, the extent of my creativity becomes doodling at the coffee table with my sweet daughter, coming up with creative dinner ideas, finding joy in laundry, dishes, cleaning and keeping house. The paintings can wait and I’ll get back to them someday! 

(Thanks for letting me share, Tami. Blessing to you and your family as you adjust to life with sweet Juliet!!)

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