100 Days, Round 2: Days 4 & 3

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Days 4 & 3 - Tuesday & Wednesday, September 25 & 26, 2012

Oh hello. Three days? THREE DAYS? Nuts.

It's truly the weirdest thing, Juliet. I knew today was the 26th and you're due date is the 29th. I knew that today was Wednesday and your due date is Saturday. I fully recognize that both of those stats include three days difference. But somehow, just now busting out good ol' Lumi (my name for my laptop, because the exterior looks like aluminum to me) and starting this and realizing you're due in 3 days (and since it's 3 am, really it's 2 days now) and that means a max of 10 days (more on that in a minute) and...well... holy wow. We really are so close!

So here's what's up: today we saw the best doctor ever OB and you were great, my blood pressure was great and all was well. I still have to be on bed rest, but that's ok. I'm trying to embrace it. I'm sure I'll be exhausted with two kids, on my own in 3-6 weeks from now and ache for this time when I had no choice but to lie down and let people cook and clean and love on and serve me.

Anyway, we have a plan. The plan is that since we're 40 weeks on Saturday we'll go in for all sorts of tests on Tuesday. We'll check me out (blood pressure, weight, etc) and then check you and you-related stuff out (nonstress test (NST), amniotic fluid levels, heart rate, etc). So long as we're both doing well then we get to come home and repeat on Friday. Obviously if either of us aren't doing well then we'll talk induction, possibly that day, possibly the next day. If you aren't here by Friday and you are doing well then we'll schedule an induction for Saturday basically no matter what.

Praise Jesus for a doc who is on the same page as me, because (and for other readers this is totally personal opinion, personal conviction; no mommy wars, please!) for me the statistics on things going wrong past 41 weeks simply have convinced me to embrace the grace-filled gift of modern technology and induce. Our doctor feels the same, and really doesn't prefer to go past 41 weeks simply because that's when more things are likely to go wrong (things from meconium--aka baby passing its first poop into the amniotic fluid and then swallowing it and getting what can be a very serious respiratory infection--to big babies getting stuck and getting shoulder dystocia and/or needing an emergency c-section to even stillbirth...the statistics on stillbirth the closer you get to 42 weeks just freak me right on out so I just prefer to induce at 41; I'd rather risk a c-section than a stillbirth. Again, totally my personal feelings on the matter!). So, again, if you aren't here by Saturday the 6th on your own we'll be inducing ya on out :)

Two things:

One is that I'd really love for you to be born Tuesday. I just think 10.2.12 as a birthday is perfection, plus your bday would not only be in the BEST. MONTH. EVER. but also it would be exactly two weeks before mine. Talk about awesome.

Two is that there's a chance I'm in labor right now. Early, albeit, but holy wow. I'm definitely having lots of tightening and--sorry for the TMI--but there's crazy amounts of pressure that keep making me feel like I really need to poo. Both can point to labor. Then again, you're moving a ton and while I might wake up in crazy labor pains in a few hours I could also wake up to nothingness. Yesterday I had intense back pain and tons of cramping and really thought maybe things were starting...and then for all of today until the last few hours there was nada.

So...as always...only Jesus knows your birthday :) I sure don't! I won't lie--I had really thought you might come (yesterday/today, Wednesday the 26th) but ya didn't. Last year Jesus did tell me the birthdays of two babies who were born 5 days apart, friends of ours, and I simply knew it was really him telling me that Caleb was coming 10.18 and Bella would be here 10.23. They both sure did. But it hasn't happened since, though many other babies have been born that we knew, and he sure isn't telling me your birthday. Dang it. But that's ok--you come when Jesus says so, ok? As if you have any choice :)

Let me end with this, because I'm just so dang excited about your letters being done; they'll go on your wall above your bed soon enough. Maybe today, maybe in a month. Whatever my body (and your, "Hey! Get back to resting!" daddy) will allow :)

I love you, Juliet! Be it that I meet you face to face in 10 hours or 10 days I'm pretty darn thrilled either way. Can't stop thinking about you and how in love with you I am! Daddy, too :) He tells me all the time!

What's This About?

If you weren't around for it, when I was pregnant with Roger I did a blog series when I reached 100 days remaining until his due date; I knew then and know that September 29, 2012 is really just a placeholder that means very little, but it was fun to count down with Roger. I decided that I'ma try to do it again with Juliet. Now that I have a lovely 15 month old keeping me on my toes I might not be able to hit every single day the way I did with Roger but I still plan to give it my best!

So here we go! The lowdown: I'll keep one post per "decade" of days, updating with the current day at the top each day. Day 10 plus any bonus days will get their own posts until the day our beloved Juliet Elise arrives! And, as with Roger, they'll be addressed to her personally.

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