100 Days, Round 2: 29-20

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Days 22-20 - Friday, September 7 - Sunday, September 9, 2012
Darling girl, your daddy and I had the BEST weekend. The thing is, because your brother was in the hands of people we trust and there was lots of photographic evidence that he was having pretty much the time of his life with his little buddy Caleb, we were freed up to just have fun and enjoy ourselves. We did miss him, and getting home to snuggle him was puh-retty sweet. But let me do the quick break down of our trip :)

It started a bit rough. Daddy had a work meeting that kept him (and me) up until 4 am. Our goal of being up at 8:30 and on the road by 10 was blown to bits when, at 10:04, your daddy said, "Hon, we should wake up." Whoops. After a bit of stressed packing and rushing and some grouchiness that made me wonder if we'd have a miserable trip (because honestly, your daddy and I don't argue a whole lot but I worried we'd just be miserable grouches!) we had to then run a few errands, including some details to get our new car (yay! More on that in a minute) then pick up my rings which were 40 minutes in the opposite direction of where we needed to go. The truth is, I hoped to be in Portland by 3 at the latest...we were sitting in traffic in Renton at 3pm. Ouch!

Oregon welcoming us.
Side Note: The new car (which I have named Felix, because of my love of the Seattle Mariners pitcher "King Felix" Hernandez and your daddy said no naming a son Felix and the Lord only knows if we'll ever get a puppy) is such a blessing. I love that it's not all fancy inside; some criticize the newer RAV4's of not being high tech and fancy-pants-featured up enough, but I could care less about heated seats. I like that we have the space we need in a car that drives really well, gets great gas mileage, is safe, etc. We talked about how weird it will be, since we bought it from a rental company just before going on a trip, to get home and not return it to the rental place but just have it be ours. The best part is that we already installed your car seat, just in case, and there's lots of room for you behind me and I can tilt my seat back a wee bit and have loads of leg room. Seriously this is grace to me after our tiny cramped (and old and always at a risk of having the things that break when your car has 130,000 miles on it leave us stranded and out lots of cash) sedan of the last 3 years, not to mention the 20 year old Ghettro (read: HORRIBLE delivery-car in a past life Geo Metro) we drove before that. Oof. Thank you, Jesus, for taking care of something so simple but that is such a blessing to me! End rant :)

But we got to P-town, hit up Costco real quick (we needed to get a monitor for Daddy to establish a better work-from-home environment and figured why not save the sales tax money by getting it in Oregon) and realized there was an Ikea right there. Woot! We needed about $100 worth of stuff from there--lights for your room, some organization stuffs (again for your nursery), and hanging lights because your and Roger's rooms don't have ceiling lights. You turn on the switch and there are floor lamps plugged in. The problem is that we don't love them and for $12 each we could get simple hanging light kits and then secure the cord to the wall so we did. Anyway, after those things (and a different high chair that I decided would be a better fit for us all) it was sweet because, once again, no sales tax. Thank you, Oregon :) We grabbed some grub (yummy saucy wings and pulled pork) and headed to our room at Skamania Lodge. Then we fell into bed quite exhausted and excited to...

...wake up whenever we woke up! And we sure did, at almost noon. I got more sleep in one night than the last four nights combined and it was AMAZING. Your brother keeps waking up earlier and earlier but I sleep less and less well at night, not to mention that daddy has been up super late (like 2 am) most nights for the last two weeks, the first week doing school and then the second week catching up on all the work he missed trying to finish school. I don't sleep well when Daddy isn't in bed, mainly just because I'm so used to him there after 5 years with only about 8 nights apart, but also because our bedroom is the open loft to the main part of the condo so even if he's downstairs the lights make me unable to sleep. Anyway...the fact is that sleep is INCREDIBLE.

I love how God displays his character through the beauty of creation.
So the sleep was a sweet anniversary gift--5 years today! We went into Hood River (Oregon), had a delicious lunch at a cafe called Doppio, drove to the Dalles and saw incredible, beautiful views (see the pics below), and then meandered over the river into Washington and back down to White Salmon where we had an AMAZING dinner at a place called Everybody's Brewery that we really wish were located in Redmond! One of my favorite parts of the day was, as we were driving, just talking about the last 5 years and how much Jesus has done, our favorite moments and the hardest moments and how much redemption and grace we've experienced.

Tastiest lunch. Wish I were eating it right now!
Then we came "home" and did some life planning back at Skamania Lodge. We want to steward all Jesus has given us, including our time, bodies, money, other resources and talents, and especially you and your big brother well to honor Jesus out of worship. Then we got to bed a bit earlier so that...

...we could get up for church Sunday! We visited the 9am service at Mars Hill Portland. It was really cool to see what Jesus is doing three hours from home in our extended church family! After church we got the best. hot dogs. ever. at an awesome little local PDX joint called Otto's Sausage Kitchen. Then we hit up the legendary Powell's City of Books and got a little treat for you and the Podge (some cute books). Then it was on the road to head home!

So freaking cool: one of Mars Hill Portland's windows at "the castle."

How to rep a book store that takes up an entire city block.
There were many bathroom stops, and to be honest, though it was an incredible, lovely trip the entire weekend...well, this day we just wanted to get home. We weren't grouchy with each other, we were just over the traffic, ready to get home, and so very ready to see our beloved Roger. Being home felt SO SO SO good! That's how you know you have a blessed life--no matter how great a trip is, your favorite part is always getting home, back to the routine, back to the every day family life.

Beloved family. So blessed.
So there you have it! And that rounds out the 20s. Can you believe we're into the teens? No matter when you come, even if that actual wonderful day is still 20 some days away or fewer than a teen number, it's going to be one of the best days of my life. You are so loved, so wanted, and I very much look forward to the first post with pictures and stories about your arrival!

Days 25-23 - Tuesday, September 4 - Thursday, September 6, 2012
Shoot, baby love! Somehow it's Thursday night and I haven't written all week. To be fair, I've been MEGA busy. I had the EEs Tuesday, then lead community group, then Daddy and I went to pick up a car to test drive.

Yesterday I had a massage in the morning, came home to tend to Rog, then had an appointment with the mechanic in Ballard (the car is great! Yay! We're in the process of buying it and you'll fit in it perfectly well!), rushed home to grab Daddy and head to Issaquah where I had a regular OB appt, a tour of the labor and delivery area at the hospital where we plan to have you (please let that be your plan to, Jesus!), physical therapy, then errands at Home Depot and Costco. I spent last night getting the freshly laundered clothes I've prepared all sorted and with pictures so I can try to sell them to make a little cash for the things we still need for you.

Today I had the EEs again (though for the last time--sadness!), sold a few Craigslist items (yay for cash and some space in your room!), saw Angie and Caleb for a bit, and worked on fixing a glider I've been trying to get ready to either put in your room or sell, depending on some mitigating circumstances. I'm also getting all packed and ready for our anniversary trip this weekend (not to mention dealing with a host of other things--broken thing that required lots of time on the phone with AT&T, figuring out various details for various things like getting my newly rhodium plated wedding rings from Shane Co, the car paperwork stuff, etc) and plus, while it's a huge blessing to have Rog hanging with our friends the Hinkles preparing for him to stay without us is actually more work than preparing to take him with us! Who woulda thunk?

Suffice it to say that you have a very tired mama :) My poor belly has, I'm pretty sure, doubled in size in the last 4 weeks. I'm not even kidding. Even your doctor commented that I'm not getting bigger but you are growing a heck ton. No one's worried about a small baby, that's for sure! We can feel you and you'll come out nice and healthy, even if you came tomorrow! But for the record, please wait until at least Tuesday, yeah? That would bless your mama!

Ok....more stuff to be done! Daddy and I are going to be at a lovely lodge near the Columbia River Gorge and also doing some hanging out in Portland this weekend. I'm bringing my laptop because we have loose plans to talk about some life stuff that we'd like to type out. But that said, I'm not sure if I'll have time to write or not. Crazy to think that, if I can't write until Monday (though I'd do an update of the weekend) it will be into the teens! Eek! And who knows if we even have that long or longer...well, Jesus knows :)

Actually, I'll end on this--though I'd LOVE for you to come in October it occurred to me today that if you come in September your birth stone will be the sapphire and I'll be jealous! It's the BEST color EVER! I've always thought it lame that October was one month away from the best birth stone. If you come in September then someday I'll just have to get one of those mama jewelry items with a stone from each baby's birth month because it will be the greatest excuse to wear a sapphire ever!

Love you, darling girl, no matter when you get here. Can't wait to meet you and know you and snuggle you and raise you!

Day 26 - Monday, September 3, 2012
Hello, darling girl! I'm excited to report that your daddy and I got a TON done this weekend in preparing for you to get here. There's still quite a bit to do, but I'd say we got a solid third of the stuff we want done accomplished. The biggest thing is that we got a bunch of stuff that is for upstairs storage out of your room, sorted all the clothes we have into keep and don't keep, and I have a bunch of stuff we don't need listed on Craigslist to try and make a little cash to offset all the stuff we'll need to buy. We already sold the extra recliner I had that wasn't going to work well for your room, so that alone makes your room feel so much bigger! Not to mention there's a little cash waiting to see what's left after your shower comes next Monday night--one week! Oy! Oh, and the cloth diapers we have so far are all washed and ready, though we won't use them until you're about a month old :)

Fun girly colors :) 

SO. MANY. CLOTHES. Very blessed! You're gonna be one cute looking little lady!

Plus, Daddy did a great job getting our car all cleaned so that if getting a new car ever works out we can have a few repairs done (boo, brakes) and get it sold. Don't even get me started on the new (to us) car drama--one we wanted had been in an accident, then another was all set to go and we got a call that there was a dent in it and since the price is non-negotiable [because we're getting the car for about 25% under market value] they simply refused to sell it to us and canceled our reservation...but here I am, getting started, so I'll stop! The truth is, Jesus knows his will for us, he knows the car he has for us, and he loves us and his will is good so I'm waiting and trusting and trying not to just wish you'd fit in our current car. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to figure out how to make you fit because I'd rather just not deal with the hassle! But there's just no way. I can't even fit in the car if we push the seat far enough forward to put in your carseat, so it is what it is.

So yep. Nothing too terribly exciting, but it DOES get us really excited for your arrival! And I think your opinion is that it can't come too soon--you're clearly starting to run out of room and not be the most comfortable bean ever. Your movements at times seem frustrated, like you can't quite to do what you want to do so you kick and pound and try to stretch and even shudder. On the one hand, it's painful for me and it sucks! But on the other hand, I feel for you. You're just a tiny baby growing at a rate out of your control and you didn't ask to get so squished! Such is the nature of the womb :) Things will be an even bigger change when you get out of it so that's just life.

For now, I need to try and get some rest because I have the EEs two more times--tomorrow and Thursday--and I know I'ma be supa tired :) But as always, I adore you more than words could ever express. I pray that if you ever doubt for a second that you are loved and wanted you'll be able to look back at these words, be reminded of the truth that Jesus adores you and he's given grace to your parents to treasure and value your existence beyond expression (and you know your mama can use a lot of words to express herself!). I pray especially that our love for you will only grow and grow your whole life and that you'll be a girl and then young woman and then grown woman restfully secure in who Jesus Christ says you are--beloved, blood bought, worth dying for--and in the safety and security of parents whose love for you flows out of their own secure identity in Jesus Christ. It's what will give you both the utmost security and utmost freedom!

Days 29-27 - Friday, August 31 - Sunday, September 2, 2012
Shucks, baby girl. I came here intending to write you loveliness but then realized I hadn't set up the post for the 20s. Now that I've done so, I'm totally crashing and mega-tired. Sometimes I'm so tired I wonder how it's possible to be alive and be this tired!

But instead of writing you a long entry, I'll post a picture that really blessed my heart. A dear friend took some maternity shots for us today, and there are tons of cute ones and we're sorting through to pick our faves and make some edits, but this one just captured something special to me. I feel it shows in print a sneak peek at how I feel about you in my heart, so I'm going to share it with you because I love and adore you.

What's This About?

If you weren't around for it, when I was pregnant with Roger I did a blog series when I reached 100 days remaining until his due date; I knew then and know that September 29, 2012 is really just a placeholder that means very little, but it was fun to count down with Roger. I decided that I'ma try to do it again with Juliet. Now that I have a lovely 15 month old keeping me on my toes I might not be able to hit every single day the way I did with Roger but I still plan to give it my best!

So here we go! The lowdown: I'll keep one post per "decade" of days, updating with the current day at the top each day. Day 10 plus any bonus days will get their own posts until the day our beloved Juliet Elise arrives! And, as with Roger, they'll be addressed to her personally.

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