Beloved Son

I have to admit that in my head I've been blogging regularly. All of these ideas are rumble-tumbling around and I write posts in my head a lot...but time to sit down and actually execute them has eluded me. Meh blurg!

I do have some great ideas so forcing myself to incorporate writing time into my day is something I'm going to focus on in the next few weeks. I't's been a bit rough because, like her big brother, Juliet kicks up a storm and keeps me awake from 2-4am (lately, closer to 5am. Oof!) which makes life rough. By the time Rog gets down for his nap, let alone the end of the day, my best writing times, I'm simply wiped out. But no whining! I really want to write regularly because not only do I get sweet feedback that it encourages people but it really is such a wonderful blessing to me. Writing what's in my head and on my heart is like kicking it on a not-too-sunny, not-too-hot but warm and glowing beach day for my soul.

All of that said, tonight it's late, I'm super tired, and I honestly just want to post some love for my baby boy because he turned 15 months old on Monday (which reminds me that I REALLY need to update his monthly As The Roger Grows album because I have the photos for months 13-15 but whoops! Haven't posted them!). Roger truly is a delight and I'm not even being cute when I tell you that multiple times a day I praise Jesus that not only do I get to be a mama but Roger is just about the greatest kid I could ask for. I couldn't have designed him better if I had tried. Something Jason and I just can't get over is how many times a day Rog laughs a deep, hearty laugh that is far beyond his tiny age. It can be in the midst of playing with his toys, reading books, goofing around with us, or just at randomly while staring out the window when we're out and about and driving around.

I want to share a quick anecdote and then give you a Roger photofest! Jason and I had a volunteer sync for our church Monday and after 40 minutes sweet Rog had simply had enough of sitting still in a room of a few hundred people. I took him into the large foyer and let him run wild. In the span of about 10 minutes 4 separate people stopped me to tell me that he's one of the happiest, cutest little creatures they've ever seen. What really blessed me, though, was when a really sweet lady (with two adorable daughters, around 2 and 4 years old, of her own) told me that her husband (who speaks English as a second language and was more comfortable letting her do the talking) was in Roger's nursery class Sunday and Roger was the happiest, most fun kid he's ever had in there. Since they get hundreds of kids in the children's wing each week, that's a HUGE compliment!

Roger is truly a joyful boy. Some people say that kids are just born the way they are. Others, including my doctor and her nurse, insist that happy parents tend to have happier kids. My OB even jokes that we'll test that theory with Juliet and see if we're two for two since she thinks I'm a pretty happy lady :) But you know what? Whether God just made Roger a happy boy or if my personality being on the bubblier side is a big factor in Roger's smiley disposition doesn't quite matter. It's all grace. And not all happy babies grow into happy kids and happy teens and happy adults, so I refuse to pigeonhole my darling boy. I just want to enjoy him every day, point him toward the Jesus who adores him, model repentance like it's my joy-filled job, and let him be who God created him to be.

Ok, that wasn't a QUICK anecdote. But now: a clotheslessness themed photofest! It's worth the wait, promise!

Love this shot :)

We've known for a long time that Rog loves to take his pants off.
Socks and shoes remain on his feet...well, hardly at all! But we
told ourselves, "At least he can't figure out how to get his shirt off yet!"

And...wrong! Two days later I went in to get him up and his shirt was a buh-bye.

He's quite attached to his pacifier at sleep time, so going shirtless
(which means he immediately throws it on the ground) means he goes
pacifier-less. I suppose this time he figured out a way to sort of have it all!

But man alive, is he not the cutest thing ever? I get to hang with this
dude all day every day! BLESSED!

He's cute, but also how cute are these jammies? We realized after
the fact that maybe we should want Jedi jammies but...meh :)

Working from home with Dada. What's super cute is that Rog looks
 like he's making a great point and Jason was actually in a video
conference with his work team. Too adorable, right?

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