Upstairs (Minor) Progress

I gotta keep this brief because the Rog Podge just woke up from his nap. If I try to do anything on the computer when he's up he just tries to close the laptop lid so it's best to write like lightning!

There's not a lot done upstairs, but there's a wee bit o' progress so I'ma share it. And, I'll do the prologue now--our Gender Reveal party is next Wednesday (yay!) so I'll be working on projects this week and then I'll post at some point about what I did :) I have some fun, cute ideas (thanks, Pinterest!) that I'm excited to share! And there's a heart thing I've been REALLY wanting to write about so hopefully I'll have this week, though this gorgeous sunny weather might interfere :)

And now, pics! I'm only showing what's different--the bedroom itself and the bonus closet room are pretty much (sadly) unchanged!

Hangers, just waiting for Jason's clothes to be unpacked :)

My hanger space; I'll add some shoe shelves to the left of the
 basket (which will have winter hats, gloves, scarves, etc), and
under the gym bag is my dresser.

The normal state of our vanities :)

I use this chair for when I wear make-up (which is like once a month or so!);
I plant to put this little Ikea desk there for a better make-up station :)

The gloriously sparse closet. I love having so much space
I can't fill it up! We don't have a ton of towels, and then the
bottom right are our curtains that don't really fit the space here.

This area is my various beauty products--bottom basket is
hair dryer, straightener, etc; empty stuff above it; make-up on
middle shelf; jewelry, hair accessories, misc items above that;
then actual hair products on top. Love it!

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