A Rose By Any Other Name: Part II

Yesterday I shared reasons why we chose the name Juliet Elise. Sometimes something beautiful and wonderful, like choosing the name of your child, is tainted by something that threatens to rob your joy and just make the whole thing feel yuck. This happened with our choosing Juliet's name, but though it starts a bit sour, by the grace of Jesus he turned it sweet and I would regret not sharing it.

Right around the time we found out we were pregnant Jason and I had already talked privately about likely naming a daughter Juliet. Shortly after we announced our pregnancy to friends, I was telling them about how much I loved the name, mentioned that we were considering it if the baby were a girl, and was talking about the character from LOST as well. I said something along the lines of her being so passionate and not a wussy woman yet not cold and unendearing (the way I feel Kate was; she's one of my least favorite characters on all of TV!) and a guy popped off, "Yeah, and do you also want her to be boy crazy and kill herself?"

The day after our Gender Reveal party I would see these balloons and either
start crying or get the cheesiest grin on my face...usually both.
Now, at the time it really stung. For a while, actually. Because I knew we wanted to name our daughter Juliet, I wondered two things: first, would we be dooming her to boy-crazy idiocy? Second, would people always draw on Romeo and Juliet as the infamous namesake for our beloved daughter, thinking the same things this boorish guy said aloud?

But then, praise Jesus, he was so sweet to me. As I was praying and talking to Jesus about this, because we do care so much about putting thought into and seeking wisdom for our children's names, he spoke to me very clearly. First, he reminded me that we answer to him, not other people. The guy who made the rude comment isn't someone I respect nor whose opinion I esteem, but even if it were someone whose relationship with Jesus I admire that still doesn't matter as long as Jason and I have peace before Jesus.

[Did you note the cool placement of the cross in Juliet's balloons in that pic above? Unintentional but so cool, since we pray the cross is the center of her life.]

Here's the most beautiful part, a sweet gift from Jesus that I now pray for my little girl: just as we hope to see family names redeemed into children who are part of a legacy of loving Jesus and living lives of repentance centered on the Gospel, Jesus can redeem in our Juliet's life the story of her most famous name sharing counterpart. See, Juliet Capulet was impetuous and immature in her passionate pursuit of Romeo and it eventually led to her premature death; I'm not sure many would argue that.

I pray our Juliet Elise would be passionately in love with a man, the God man Jesus Christ, and that she would be empowered by his Holy Spirit to lay down her life for him so that his life can fill her.

I pray that from the second our Juliet Elise meets Jesus she would be so enamored with him that no other love could come close to touching her devotion to him.

I pray that our Juliet Elise would worship Jesus wholeheartedly and no person or thing could convince her to stray from spending the rest of her life in loving, intimate relationship with him.

This is the redemption of the story of a foolish girl to a godly woman. Though it was painful at first to have someone ridicule the name we love for our daughter (and at the time we had said it was a name we were considering if the baby were a girl) I thank Jesus that this rude comment sent me to Jesus' cross. There I found grace and confidence not only for peace about choosing Juliet's name but a calm confirmation from the Holy Spirit that this is the name he chose for our daughter and it will shape the way we pray for her for the rest of her life.

That's the beauty of redemption--it takes what was good, then rotten, and makes it better than before the stink set in. We're not just "back to good"--we're experiencing wonderful and beautiful that we wouldn't otherwise know, but Jesus took something that could have made naming our daughter ugly and made it even more beautiful than had the genuinely rude comment never been made. I love knowing Jesus and experiencing his redemption!

May that truth of the Gospel shape your life, our beloved daughter. Can't wait to meet you, sweet girl. Perhaps you would be as sweet by any other name, but Juliet Elise is your name and you are loved.

Two final thoughts: the entire time I wrote this Juliet was kicking and rolling and flipping away. I'd like to think that was because she was giving her approval :) Lastly, enjoy some pictures of Rog enjoying his sister and her balloons!

Roger "meeting" Juliet for the first time as her ultrasound  DVD plays.

These balloons went EVERYWHERE with him for a few days.

Don't worry--we kept a close eye to ensure there were no string
wrapping around appendages or neck incidents.

We agree with you, Rog--praise Jesus for our sweet Juliet Elise!

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  1. such precious posts Tami!! I love it all!! So wonderful that you take such care in naming your children!! Penelope is a name we chose long ago, and many many people said rude things about it. My grandma said "that's such an awful name" and my other grandma worries that she'll be teased (and refuses to call her anything but Penny). It's good that you've trusted in the wisdom the Lord has gifted you with and no the foolishness of others words!! Juliet Elise is a PRECIOUS name!