Projects Sneak Peek!

After a rockin' trip to the (awesome sauce that is) Bellevue Goodwill last week, I have a sneak peak for you of the projects I'm working on for our Gender Reveal Party. It's only a week away! I'm SUPER excited!

A rather ugly before.

The "in progress" pic.

I have to say that my main reason for loving Gender Reveal parties is that it's all about celebrating the life Jesus has given. I love having Jason, and now this time big brother Roger (!), there to rejoice in our sweet Lord expanding our family. I'll share more details after the actual party, but this time we're doing balloons since we only have a couple of hours between "the" ultrasound and the actual party. We find out the gender the same time as our friends and family who are there (the ultrasound tech writes it on a piece of paper which is then given to the balloon person, so we get to be surprised, too!) and we also reveal the baby's name. We've known Wiggles' name since about a week after finding out we were pregnant. We just roll that way :)

I'm hoping to have a prose post on some heart things I've been ruminating over for the last few weeks ready by Friday. I've been both very busy and rather exhausted, though, so we'll see!

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