Non-Update Update

I have to apologize, but there's no condo status update today.

There are a few reasons: for one, I just vacuumed the crazy heck out of the downstairs, including furniture, and I'm just wiped out and my tired, pregnant body needs some rest. Secondly, compounding that, Roger woke up multiple times last night--and never napped yesterday--because for whatever reason the cold that hit daddy two weeks ago and me last week is hitting him this week.

The hardest thing, though, is emotional heaviness. If you are my Facebook friend then you know I've been praying for a sweet, tiny little newborn and her family for the last 3 weeks. After many very hopeful signs, today it's looking very much like beautiful Esther is likely not going to live through the day. Jesus can still heal her but it's simply not looking like his will is for her to stay on this earth much longer.

[Click on image for link the Holtrop's blog]

My heart is just heavy and sad. Today has been filled with many, many tears and almost constant, heavy, deep, heartfelt prayers to Jesus for healing, for peace about his will, for comfort, even for joy. I'm not sure exactly why, but these sorts of stories always hit me really hard and burrow down into my soul.

Please join me in praying for this family, and for all who know and love them. To be perfect honest, the tears are just flowing hard again and I need some time with Jesus. I do plan to update Friday, hopefully with the state of the condo, but if I've learned anything in these last 10 or so years since I started blogging it's to hold the blog with an open hand and allow life to be lived.

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