It's A Girl!

I have a post that I'm REALLY excited to write coming soon, explaining her name, but just in case you aren't my Facebook friend then here's the big news:

You know that we had a Gender Reveal party tonight...

Filled with balloons...blue or pink?

The balloons were pink!

So excited about our darling baby girl!
[Edit to add this loveliness!]

Family of four--two dudes and two ladies!

For those who have been tracking, the gender tests got it right--I was given a 90% chance of a girl and she sure is :) We have the perfect shot to prove it. She's just a very wiggly girl!

Here's a few things to keep your attention until I get the "behind the name" post ready:

Just in case you aren't my Facebook friend, here's the Gender Reveal party photo album.

Though it's in there, here's our darling girl's carefully chosen name--we love it!

Last but not least, here's the YouTube video of the big moment! I might have been mega-excited and nervous, squealing and kissing balloons and such :)

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