Condo Update (At Almost 3 Weeks)

Busy day! Made some sweet finds at the Bellevue Goodwill today and am super excitedly planning our gender reveal party.

I'm also a bit distracted by this sweet Mother's Day gift, come early. Jas got a sweet deal because it's a refurb. I was gonna wait for a second gen but I quite love it already!

Oh, happy day!

But allow  me to post a plethora o' pictures to show you the progress made downstairs, primarily in Roger and Wiggles' rooms though there are two shots with the wee bit o' progress made in hanging living room stuffs.

Hard to see, but there are books by Rog's chair; stay tuned because I
got a sweet little project at Goodwill today to better store books! 
Letters are up!

It doesn't look awesome but we use the bookshelves
as his dresser. Major convenience plus :)

That's his humidifier for when sick, plus a conveniently placed "too small"
basket for his clothes...need it handy because it gets used lots!

Wiggle's room is much tidier! And we're storing J's bike in there because,
well, why not?

Those boxes are all empty and ready to go upstairs--need my man to do that,
but I need to work on the closet so we can get to the storage space!

Wall hangings just waiting for me to decide I'm ready.

The bin is waiting for me to be ready to use the armoire, and that box
is actually clothes that are about ready to fit Rog. Silly growth spurt!

The closet isn't pretty, but I'm waiting to know if Wiggles is a boy, and thus these
boy baby clothes stay downstairs, or if Wiggles is a girl and they go upstairs :)

The hanging stuff needs to go upstairs, and the fans
are hanging and waiting for me to do some painting
projects this summer :)

So there you go! I'll do the upstairs sometime next week. The bathroom is done but I need to do clothes and I'm hoping I can convince Jas to put away the books this weekend :)

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