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This won't be a normal (well, the new normal I aim for!) week with posts at least M, W, and F because, in case you've recently been making your home in a cave, our Gender Reveal party for Wiggles is Wednesday! We're less than 45 hours away from, Lord willing, knowing if we're having a boy or girl. SO excited! Eek!

Yesterday I did tons of prep--got the buttons ready, wrapped the balloons box, did the writing on the chalkboards, and did some "gender predictors" that all VERY pointedly suggest...NOT SAYING! I'll tell you if they were right, though :) With Roger the gender predictors said boy and he was, so we'll see this time they "work" too. I don't put a lot of stock in them, but we shall see! 

One quiz with questions ranging from semi-scientific (leg hair coarser or lighter, breast tenderness, etc--stuff that is affected by the hormones more associated with the two genders) to things like how I'm carrying (high or low) and what I'm craving (salty or sweet) came out to a 92% chance that I'm having the certain gender. Praying that Wiggles spreads 'em so we get a good view and can know if it was right!

Friday is Jason's birthday (the big 3-2) and it's pretty cool--we found out Roger was a boy on 10.14.2010, two days before my 29th birthday. Now we get to find out if Wiggles is a boy or girl two days before Jason's birthday. How cool is that coincidence, aka sweet grace from Jesus? Fun, fun week around these parts!

I got sidetracked...I still have quite a bit to do to be ready for Wednesday which is why I'm laying low on the blogging :) Here're two tiny sneak peeks that give you only a hint of what's to come:

The two boy names are on the left, girl on the right--Facebook friends
get a bigger hint :)

I'll post later this week with pics from the party, and the story behind the name since we'll let everyone know it at the party!

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