There's something I have wanted to write about for awhile now, but to just be completely honest with you, Jesus said no. I was all prepped to start writing and then Jesus revealed my heart to me, the reason why I want to write it, and I can't say what that is without actually giving into the thing Jesus said I can't write about. Ah, quandary. But suffice it to say, the thing I want to write about is coming from a sinful place so I can't write about it. Ergo, the title, blurg.

In other unrelated news, things are going well! I'm prepping for our Gender Reveal party and really looking forward to seeing our darling baby in the ultrasound. I can't wait! And, unlike with Rog Podge, this time we get a DVD so I get to watch our little one over and over :) I just love the sweet gift we get of seeing this little baby I adore in his/her form in my womb.

It's been a fun period lately because Wiggles, true to nickname, is super active and I get to feel him/her lots and lots, just like with Roger. This causes some to think this also makes Wiggles a boy, but I wouldn't be surprised to just have a super active girl. I remember my OB with Roger telling me that if I ever worried about his well being to just drink some orange juice, lie down, and count movements. If there were less than four in an hour then call her. Ha! With Rog I'd literally feel 4 movements sometimes in less than 10 seconds.

Lastly, I mentioned this on here before, but my awesome husband convinced me to take the plunge and get a Kindle Fire. He got it for me for Mother's Day a wee bit early. I've been holding out, waiting for a second generation to be released, but this one was a refurb for only $139 so we figured we'd get it, see if I actually do use it enough to justify spending money on a more expensive one later. We could Craigslist this one and upgrade if the upgrade is good enough to justify it. Lovely plan :)

A tiny sampling of my beloved books collection :)

I do use it a lot! I enjoy it. I love getting to watch free Prime videos and it's better for watching Netflix streaming than my iPhone. I also love reading on it :) Confession: I never read paper books anymore. Lament the end of the world, sure, but it's reality for me. It's also SO much better for reading than my iPhone so that's happy, too. I also started watching How I Met Your Mother from the beginning because I think I joined in around season 3 or 4 so I wanted to see from the start, straight through. I also want to watch Friday Night Lights but I may want to have Jas watch that one with me :)

This is, I suppose, kind of a lame update when I had deep heart stuff I planned to write about but I need to honor Jesus and allow him to walk with me through my heart issues before I write about it publicly. Otherwise I'm seeking my glory and not his. I don't want that. Jesus is my beloved, he deserves all glory, and I praise him for a seemingly random thought as I was getting ready to write that revealed my heart. I praise him that I get to repent.

Today is Roger's 14 months birthday, so now enjoy some pics of his adorableness from this morning :)


What you say, Mama?

A bit blurry, but tickles are the best!

Can't ever go too terribly long before touching Mama!
On that note, see you next week!

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