Little Things: A Tour of Our New Condo

We had the chance to take some pictures of our new condo yesterday. The landlord graciously allowed us to come in mid-cleaning; I wanted to get an idea of where various outlets are and such so I can get a solid idea of furniture placement for the movers next Sunday. Then I realized I could share with you all!

For once my "fortune" wasn't total junk--it was lovely coincidence!

[I mentioned it before, but how great is it that we're using movers? For one, generous friends gave about 1/2 the cost just to bless us. Secondly, this is our fifth move in four years, my 20th in 12 years (college and TFA really wreaked havoc, with all the in and out every summer plus multiple moves in between!), and with me pregnant, us having a 13 month old, my back problems, and the fact that it's a Sunday morning and we can't get a lot of help--we have a huge media armoire, a clothing one in our bedroom, a king sized bed, my awesome but very heavy treadmill, plus tons of other furniture and it all has to go up 2-3 flights of stairs with narrow hallways and the like--it just makes sense to let professionals do it in 1/4 of the time and pay them for their MUCH appreciated labor!]

So, no more prose! Enjoy the picture show. I confess that I am sad my photography skills are nothing near up to par with my beloved Young House Love, but maybe someday I'll have a sweet camera and Photoshop to boot :)

EDIT: Upon writing this I kept noticing all of the "little things" I love about this place (and the big things are pretty sweet in and of themselves) so you'll notice the theme throughout. It's so prevalent it made its way into the title :)

We plan to put our table next to the window. Love the huge window and
and all the trees!

This is just left of the previous picture; our media armoire will be at an angle and
slightly block that window but that's ok :)

The kitchen pass through is just to the left, the fireplace behind me.
You can just see the stairs to the loft on the left, too; if you went straight instead
of left and up the stairs then ahead  is the bathroom on the first floor,
Roger's room to the left and Wiggles' room to the right.

On the deck there's this storage cubby.

The BEST part is hard to see, but halfway up the wall,
in the white strip, is an outlet--we're going to FINALLY
get a chest freezer and get an organic, grass fed 1/2 cow!
Can't hardly wait!

The biggest deck we've ever had! So excited to grill and relax out here!
Notice how it's all forest and no buildings in sight! LOVE that little thing!

Pretty much my favorite part of the whole condo. Yeah, I'm totally
a mom now but I don't care! I LOVE these. Most silly is that
Jason does 80% of our laundry. Maybe that will change with these
big sexy mo's! Plus, a window in the laundry room? Hello!

There's TWO of these big, deep cupboards above the washer / dryer.
This is only one of them.
*delightful sigh*

If you've done apartment living as long as we have then you
understand the beauty of a refrigerator like this. Adjustable
shelves? Oh, the little things of modern convenience!

This is mid-clean and repair, but lovely, right? Would you believe I've only
ever lived in one other place with a window by the sink? Plus the faucet has a
removable head for rinsing, another apartment rarity. It's the little things like this that make my heart sing!

Another little, WONDERFUL thing: let alone the hot water dispenser on the
right, notice how DEEP the left part of the sink is. This picture doesn't do it
justice, but if you don't have a deep sink then you know what a blessing they
are! Good bye, water splashing everywhere (and all over my shirt!) all the time!

Loads o' cupboards, but also my two fave dudes :)
Oh, and you can barely see it above their heads, but the light fixture
over the dining area is pretty sweet. I'll get a pic when we're moved in :)

Notice all the outlets! Just good thinking! I'm rather
kitchen appliance happy so I'm pumped!

Yay, pantry! And, our current refrigerator deep one seemed
awesome at first but we always lose and forget about food
so I'm actually glad to be shallowing-out!

A shot with the entrance and stairs. That's the kitchen pass
through on the left you can just barely see.

Wiggles' room. It has a door to the deck we'll keep bolted at all times (though
there's no ground access to the deck) and I'm thankful that the window is on the second story
so we can put in a bar for extra safety but it would be really hard to break into.
Never thought about these things pre-babies but I do now!

BTW, the plan is to keep this room more simple and sparse, mainly just for sleeping,
so it can be more of a play room, especially since it's so big. We may even combine Roger
and Wiggles when they have the same nap time (so maybe Fall 2013) and just make this a
full on play room. Would really help with community group hosting!

The closet is big, but it's little details like these shelves that
just make this place yet again such an awesome loveliness! Oh,
and if you haven't noticed by now, most of the outlets are wired
for more than two items. LOVE that little thing that we've never had before!

Hall closet (Wiggles' room to the right, bathroom just left).
There's no pic here, but there's actually a coat closet, too,
just behind me at the base of the stairs to the loft. So nice!

I don't love the glass doors but we have permission to replace
them if we decide to. There may be a lease-to-own option after
the first two years and then we definitely would, but we may anyway.
With little ones I just don't love glass closet doors. It's pretty much the
only thing I don't love about this place except for a gold-colored-chrome
 fixture here and there and the oak trim. I'm a crisp white trim kinda girl :)

Look how big this SECOND bathroom is! Storage galore!

Oh, the deep, deep (tub that shows me the) love of Jesus :)

Roger's room. Hard to tell, but there's actually about 3 feet
between his window and the railing / outer entrance deck.
I love this because a: we'll put in a bar and ensure his safety
from the inside but, again, it would be really hard for an intruder
to get into his window. Little things is a theme here, yes?

His room from over near the window; gives you an idea of the
hallway outside his door. The stairs to go up to our loft are just on the
right, behind where the open door is against the wall.

Another random little thing: he has a Harry Potter closet!
It has a bar that you can see for hanging stuff that kind of curves and
makes a J shape behind the closet doors, but then along the wall
where I said the door would be in the above picture is a slanted area
where our stairs go up. So cool! We have so much other storage that I
do plan to keep this clear and make him a quiet reading nook when he's
a bit older :)
The stairs up to our loft. The big, lovely, heavy treadmill 
and our king sized bed are going up these so I'm quite glad
we're using movers!

Our loft, at the top of the stairs looking left.
Bee-tee-dubs, next to my head on the wall on the right is an AC
unit rated for 2,500 sq feet--our entire condo is 1,450. Boo yah for
hot, 9 months pregnant in August me!

This is from the corner that was the top right of the previous picture.
The bright white stripe on the upper left is open to the living/dining area below.
One of my fave little things is through the darkness just to the left of it
but more on that in sec!

Two things:
One is that my plan is to TOTALLY put my treadmill in front of that window.
(If it doesn't work then I'll put it in front of the window on the right two pics above)
Two is that you can see the vaulted ceilings and part of the light fixture over
the dining room that was over J and Rog's heads earlier.

This is from in front of the window. You can see the AC unit on the left,
a window that faces our bathroom area, the ledge for placing *stuff* that partially
covers the stairwell, and the sweet little corner on the right goes to one of my
FAVE little things...

This is with that ledge to my back, in that little corner. I take a step forward and...

...This is to my left. The previous owner finished a big part
of the crawl space. We'll likely put Wiggles' bassinet in here
if we find that, like with Rog, we can't sleep when s/he is right
next to our bed.

These two bars are where the top of the previous picture cut off.

With those bars to my left, there's a SWEET built in shoe rack (hard to tell
but it's tilted forward on all shelves, perfect for shoes), and then that little
white door to the right...

...is MORE storage space! We can't put too much out here because leaving
good ventilation room is important, but hello, Christmas decorations and clothes
that the childrenz outgrow!

On the far left you can see those bars from the "bonus crouch-in" closet. There's
actually a small room you go through on the left where we'll likely put either a small
dresser, a reading nook, or just shelves. We'll see :) The reading nook's my fave idea
if I can find the right chair for it! I'll be yard sale & Craigslist hunting this summer!

Anyway, this shot shows you a big closet for bano related stuffs; the mirrored door
reflects our double vanity. Behind the sinks is the closed wall to your right when
going up the stairs, if that helps with your mental picture.
Here are the sinks with me actually facing them. See the AC unit and
window that lights up this area in the top right? More orientation help :)

Oh, and another little things bonus--yay for not two but THREE outlets. Our
current master en-suite has a double sinked vanity but one outlet for the entire
bathroom. No me gusta; between toothbrush chargers, hair stuffs, Jason charging
his phone and having an alarm clock in there (waking up is hard for him and if he's at
all near the bed he hits "end alarm", falls back asleep, and wakes up two or three hours
later quite annoyed with himself), plus electric razor and beard trimmer...oof!
One outlet is LAME. Three is AMAZING.

This is the other half of the closet. It shows you 1: a sliver of my body and
2: the reflection gives an idea of how much space is between the vanity and
the wall. That open door contains...

The room with the toilet (meh) and this deep jacuzzi tub! It's having some
work done, ergo the slightly torn apart state.

To the left of the bathroom is this. Oh, yeah, it's just
yet ANOTHER walk-in closet!

The walk-in closet is at my back, and you can see the window
and AC unit on the right wall, plus back into our room.

Last one, giving an idea of back down the stairs, not to mention the sheer
huge awesomeness of our room space :)

Usually moving's a bummer, but we couldn't be much more excited than if we just bought our dream home for a ridiculously good price! All this, PLUS it's in a super quiet complex and it includes WSG and free basic cable. No having to cost cut and say adios to ESPN / Food Network / HGTV / AMC (for The Killing, not Mad Men. Just can't get my head to want to watch that one.) / Nick & TBS (for HD reruns of FRIENDS) / etc. So that's happy :) And the cell signal's amazing.

Sure, it's all fairly material and doesn't matter in light of eternity but I'm celebrating the good gift of a wonderful home. Thank you, Jesus! C'mon, Sunday April 15th, already!


  1. Congrats on the condo, Tami! I'm jealous you'll be getting a freezer to buy a whole half-cow of grass-fed beef!

    Do you know where you'll be purchasing the beef from? If you don't know yet, we buy from a local farm near Walla Walla, and they deliver all over the state - including western Washington. You also don't have to buy a whole half a cow with them (we don't have enough freezer space, and it's really expensive), so we buy a smaller bunch of steaks and ground beef at a time. If you're looking for options, check them out: www.bluevalleymeats.com

    Enjoy the new place!

  2. Oh, good to know! We'll have to look into them when we are ready to buy some! Yay! Thanks for sharing :)