Kitchen Sneak Peek...Sorta!

Helloooo, Friday!

I had every intention of posting an update on unpacking today. Sadly, I am not quite sure at the moment where my camera cord is, ergo pictures of my kitchen (it's beautiful, really) are chilling on the Cannon while the cord to get them on Lumi (I named my laptop. It's cute. Don't judge.) is hiding. I have an idea of where it is but, and I know how weird this is, I don't want to go into that area of stuff until the things I want to do first are complete.  I'm just really anal but I'm ok with that :)

So, here's a super quick update with a pic I snapped on my phone last night after getting my kitchen completely unpacked. It's technically from the extra storage space above the dryer and not quite the kitchen but it's what makes my kitchen wonderful! I love to cook and have lots of little extra appliances and such but if they're hard to get to I'm less likely to use them. This makes my heart so happy because they're easy access, three steps away from the kitchen and all have an easy place to put 'em right back when I'm done. Oh, happy day.

See for yourself!

A great bonus is that I only have a few appliances on my counter (which you'll see next week, because I'm determined to find my camera cord tonight). I do have my ice cream machine and breadmaker in a different cupboard, and there are a couple of random things (like a water pitcher) in the cupboard above the washing machine.

So there's a sneak peek :)

Here's a bonus: I finally got wise enough to put Roger's toys in a big plastic bin at the end of every day. Suffice it to say, he loves getting them out in the mornings :)

Stay tuned: Monday will have have a real update on the state of things! Our housewarming party is Saturday evening (the 28th) and I'm determined to be done unpacking--completely and totally--by then. So hopefully this weekend will be uber productive and Monday's update will be ah-may-zing!

Happy weekend!

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