Condo at One Week: Upstairs

So you got a glimpse of our 90% there (until I start redoing stuff! I'm hoping to post next week about my ideas for prettying up our living space!) kitchen, living, and dining areas on Monday. The on Wednesday was our, oh, averaged out to 50% there kids' rooms, closet, and downstairs bathroom. Now, today is the saddest of sadness. It's the upstairs--our master with office and gym and library all in one lovely loft space, bathroom, and closets. Oh yes, I said closets, because Jesus loves me and we have multiple!

I'll give the quick status update now, instead of at the end: Roger's room only has two boxes left, clothes that I need to find his little man sized hangers for and then his books--I had a rock star of a time knocking out his room on Monday! Wiggles' room is untouched, but really just is a matter of organizing empty boxes and putting away other storage items, plus hanging up the wall stuffs. Lastly, upstairs is...worse, actually. More open boxes with stuff all over but hardly changed. I guess we did put away some clothes but blurg.

The problem is that my darling husband gave me a nasty cold that hit Tuesday and it has pretty much knocked me on my bum. I'm trying not to feel sorry for myself, but my goal of Sunday likely won't be met. But who knows--maybe I'll feel better tomorrow and have another rock star day! We shall see :) I'll update next week no matter what, but only show the stuff that's actually different.

[EDIT: I wrote this last night and it's 2:30 pm now; I just mega vacuumed the downstairs and am about to head up and work on the bathroom and, if Roger sleeps long enough, the closets. I still don't feel great but I'll be gone all day tomorrow and really want to feel more at home! Plus, there's something stuck between two of my molars and I HAVE to find our flossing devices! So we'll see how much stamina I can muster :)]

So...without further stalling...the dreadful 30% there upstairs.

The office area. My darling husband did this :) Maybe someday I'll make it
prettier but really...meh. We'll see!

This was our closet until Monday night when we finally got stuff hung up :)

The not even touched bonus space--my eventual third closet / craft room!

The sadness that is the second walk in closet.

More sadness known as the bathroom. I didn't show you the mirrored
closet because, well, it was totally empty. Whoops!

Yup. Still sad.

The only done room upstairs--because all it needed was the shower curtain
and a bath mat. Though I s'pose I may hang up a pretty picture eventually
if I find one I think would be ok in such a small room that's all about humidity :)

Walk-in closet #1--the fact that all of our hangers were in bags still sure does
tell you about our progress at that point!

I'd like to tell you this was an unusual shot of our bed...but it looks this way
every day. I love the idea of a pretty bed but the reality of it never happens.
Thankfully my darling husband sure doesn't care one tiny bit.
And that's the real me :)

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