Condo at One Week: Kitchen, Living, Dining

I'm going to do three posts this week, showing you the condo at one week post-move-in day, as it looked on Sunday the 23rd (yesterday). Today is the kitchen, living, and dining rooms. Wednesday will be the other half of the first floor--Roger & Wiggles' rooms, the bathroom, and the main storage closet. Friday will be the whole upstairs (warning: it's the least done, saddest part). My hope is that by next Sunday we'll be totally unpacked and so next week can be a, "Condo at Two Weeks: Yay, All Done!" post or two or three, since even the "done" areas don't have any wall hangings and such yet :)

One note: we changed our housewarming party. If you'd like to come, btw, don't be shy about telling me. Just send a quick Facebook message. But it's now on Saturday, June 23rd, at 5pm. We realized that this Saturday is just way too packed--our church is having a women's training day and it would be a mad rush for me to get home on time for the party to start, let alone be prepared to have a party with lots of friends in our home! Plus, we really want to have time to get a good grill and not buy one in a rush; with that, we hope to find some decent deck furniture in the next month or two for a great deal (c'mon, Craigslist and garage sales!). Lastly, we're hoping that by June there'll be lovely summer weather and people will have time to get it on their calendar. So, again, wanna come and you weren't already invited? Just Facebook message me!

Onto the pics!

The Kitchen
Love our range and convection oven!

So much lovely counter / prep space!
My water bottle's not usually there, but Jason has easy access to his
coffee stuff behind the water dispenser.

NOTE: Yes, our fridge has a water filter but we just love the taste from our
Pur filter, ergo its station on the counter :)

I love that the only appliances out are either the ones we use all the time,
or my Kitchen Aid which is way too bulky to store elsewhere and heft
around when I need it!

Bonus: check out my sweet view when doing dishes! Trees, glorious trees!

The next few pics show some awesome organization helps that made my kitchen 57 times more awesome! I'll link to the product when I can!

This bakeware organizer makes this cabinet one of my FAVES.
Probably the best $13 we've ever spent in the kitchen!

The link's not the exact one, but this spice step rack is awesome. Our model
is from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and extends to fit the size of the cupboard. But
what a great way to keep all of our bottles organized!

This isn't my favorite. I thought my five lids would fit
perfectly but they fell out, so I only use three of them.
Saves some space, but I don't recommend this product.

Ok, no cool gadgets cut look how creative I had to get with our pots
and pans storage! Huge but awkward cabinet :)

Our junk drawer organizer makes my heart sing. I know it doesn't look that pretty,
but trust me, this is organized to the max for any junk drawer of ours!

We got our plate rack at Fred Meyer and nothing I saw on Amazon quite
matches it, but I love it! And I know that the shelf looks high, but when all
our bowls are in there that's how much space is needed :)

The Laundry Room Bonus Pretties :)

We keep the everyday use laundry items easy access; tons of
other cleaning supplies are stored in the gigantor drawers below
the washer & dryer. This is above the washer.

This is above the dryer. Remember your sneak peek?

Living & Dining Rooms

I'll start at the fireplace and work my way counter-clockwise around the room :)

A mirror will eventually go above the fireplace; I like to do wall
stuff, in general, very last. Makes it finally feel all the way like home to me.

Two asides: A sacrificing form for function decision was to just put the fireplace
tools accessible but up high. Just loads safer for our baby toddler boy that way.
The boxes are heavy and filled with DVDs (that blue box on the actual DVD storage
to the left is our DVD shelves, waiting to be installed when we can put away DVDs!).
They're serving as blocks with that not-installed-on-the-stairs-yet baby gate until we can
figure out better fireplace safety.

We're thinking this, but if you have a cheaper but equally effective idea, we're all ears!

My beloved media armoire. I know the DVD shelves on each side look odd;
I chose to again sacrifice form for function and use those to keep Roger from
a: the funky sized, impossible to cover outlets on each side and
b: from being able to get back behind the armoire and into the death zone of cords.

For the record, as you can tell, I don't much care about being magazine pretty in my
home decor (nor even good blog pretty [do a ctrl+f for living room and see what I mean!)
 and I don't feel sorry for myself that things look less cute in order to make it safer
 for the Rog-Podge. I don't even mind if you judge it as being tacky :)

Not pretty, but just what the couch and Roger's toy storage looks like when
in actual "lived-in" state. On my agenda is some pop-of-color couch
cushions. Gotta break up my sea of shades of brown!

And I know we desperately need wall art. I want my friend Brittany to paint us
a huge awesome painting but until I can afford the humongo painting I want
I need a intermediate, uber cheap solution. Ideas welcome again!

I know our ottomans dominate. I'd love smaller ones, but they have to be
equally as cozy and I've yet to find any that are cute enough to spend money
on but still affordable!

The solitary source of color in the room: my beloved blue table, which I
renovated myself.  Note the splat mat that keeps Roger from utterly
destroying our carpet with his food messes :) And we LOVE our high chair, too!

Just an up close of our table with some cute flowers...and a cute dude doing
some Volunteer Biblical Counseling class homework :) Might be mega in
love with that guy!

This is a bonus: I got these tonight. I HATE yellow but I just felt we needed
some bright, inexpensive flowers for the place. Yay for Trader Joe's being
two minutes away (literally). This makes me think of my dear Marilee, and I hate
yellow a bit less because of her!

So there you go! It's our most "done" part of the whole place so the next two posts go a bit downhill. Come back Wednesday to see the other half of our downstairs :)


  1. It looks wonderful! So fun to see your space... and I'm so excited to paint for you someday!

    1. I can hardly wait! I really am budgeting to get paintings from you with Roger and Wiggles' names, life verse, etc. It may be a Christmas present to each of them (or whatever we work out). I'm thrilled! And I do want a big painting for our living room but since we live so far away maybe it needs to be multiple smaller ones? Not sure. We'll see when that time comes! The beh-behs come first :)