Condo at One Week: Kids' Rooms, Bathroom, & Hall Closet

This week is all about updates on the state of affairs in our new condo at one week after we moved in. Monday  you saw one half of our first floor. It is, and I warned you, the most done part of our place. Today is a bit less lovely...but it's honest! I can tell you that Roger's room is already quite a bit more unpacked past the point that you see it here, as these pictures were from Sunday. I spent a decent deal of time Monday and Tuesday working on it!

So, let's dive into the pictures!

Downstairs Bathroom
Blurg. I don't know why my bano pics have this weird yellow tone.
The art isn't so much my style, but it's an heirloom from my husband's
late grandmother so I choose to honor him by putting it up :)

I need to put up the decorative towels, as you can see by the empty towel bars!

The bathroom counter...plain! Needs cuteness. Gonna have to be on the hunt
at thrifty type places this summer! And the green smelly thing you see (and have probably
seen in other rooms) is because the people who lived here before us were of an ethnicity that
left a heavy smell from their cooking. Trying to get it out!

Hall Closet
Our not pretty but actually very organized hall closet;
this is the top half.

Here's the bottom half. Thankfully Rog doesn't know how to
open these doors, ergo no real worries about what we keep at
his level. Might have to re-org when he does figure it out!

Wiggles' Room
This is Wiggles' room. It's not as bad as it looks; actually. Once I put all the  empty
boxes into one another as they fit (I save all appliance boxes! It's just my thing,
and it's mainly because we've always moved so much) and we put them up in storage
and then put wall hangings where they go this room will be back to empty--the way I
want it until I fill it with new baby stuff!

 Roger's Room
I had a heck of a time placing Roger's furniture. I wanted his crib not on the
wall where the bathroom is (the wall where his changing table is), and I needed
the bookshelf to be blocked against a wall by his changing table [as seen in next pic]
 for a: ease of access when getting him changed and dressed (never want to step away
from the table when he's on it!) and b: so he won't pull it down on his head. I don't
 much want to trust cheap Ikea bookshelves to hold to a wall strap, ergo my
crowding solution in the corner. Anyway, this is where I finally settled!

Roger's room (replete with my fave dudes mid-diaper change!) has all
furniture in place but, as you can see, we had to dig through boxes to find
clothes for him to wear. Oh, and to also dig out cloth diapers. But as I said,
this room's already much closer to done!

Sad boxes begging to be unpacked in the corner :) But they are now, so tune
in next week to see, hopefully, a completely done room!

And there you have it! Friday I'll show you the worst of all places...the upstairs. But I still am working toward my goal of being completely and totally done by next Sunday!

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