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I wish I had a grand update for you but unfortunately this weekend was just nuts. I was at a women's training day with my church all day Saturday and it was AMAZING. But with those sweet things comes expending a ton of energy--spiritual, emotional, mental, physical...oof. Especially because Jason and I spent most of the evening talking through the things Jesus showed me, convicted me of, etc.

In part we were busy because our carpets were cleaned Saturday (yay! They were kinda yuck; a contractor fixed some things that the previous tenants wrecked but he left these odd footprints and they needed to be gone, for my sanity's sake!) and we needed to not be here because they were still wet. Damp carpet plus uber active Rog the Podge does not equal a good combo :) But that meant we went to dinner, came home and got Rog to bed, and pretty much went straight to bed ourselves.

Yesterday was busy because this is our Sunday schedule for the next two months:

      8 - Jason wakes up and gets ready
 9:30 - Jason gets Roger up and ready
 9:45 - I get up and ready
10:45 - Leave for church
12:45 - Leave church (sometimes a tad bit early) to rush home
  1:00 - Get Rog to bed as quick as possible
 3: 15 - Get Rog up and ready to head back to church
  3:45 - Go back to church
  4:00 - VBC (Volunteer Biblical Counseling) class*
  6:00 - Usually grab a wee snack from Wendy's (Frosty for mom & dad, chicken nuggets for Rog)
  6:30 - Let Roger go nuts at the park; sometimes go for a drive (our FAVORITE family activity!)
  7:30 - Get home, eat, and get Rog to bed

Then we try to get to bed early but usually end up watching a bit more TV and relaxing than we meant to and we fall into bed around *cough1amcough* so Mondays are not our best friend. I also didn't get quite as much done today as I hoped because I had to get our living room furniture back to the exact specs I had before. I might have a mad Monica Geller streak in me :)

The good news is I have been able to get some stuff done and there has been progress! My plan, if things go ok, is that I'll post ya faithful readers an update with pictures on Wednesday. If I get enough done I may need to split it into two--I'd love that so hopefully I can! But here's a wee update via photos for you.

We knew the deck was slippery when we asked for it to be cleaned--we
had NO idea it was that bad!

Clean! We had no idea it was this color--ha! But it's
getting stained soon so we'll see what the owner picks.

The first item hung in our new home. Love.

Fun, fun park time!

Playing with Rog is my fave thing ever!

Love my man and little man :)
So there you go! I'm excited to show that I have made some sweet progress so I'm excited for Wednesday!

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