The Sound of Silence [Ending]

Hello, hello.

I know I've been silent for a bit. I wrote out a lengthy post about what's been going on health wise and just didn't feel peace about posting it. There are definitely things going on, and some I am ready to talk about while others not quite yet.

That's a LOT of blood they had to take from me...

I can say that we had some tests done and my thyroid is underperforming. This explains some of my exhaustion and how I'm CONSTANTLY freezing cold! We thought that perhaps my iron levels are super low and that would explain the dizziness, but they are (barely) within "normal" limits. It's one of those things where I'm glad nothing's wrong but then disappointed because if nothing's wrong then nothing can really be fixed.

I can also say we'll have some more answers next week, since I'm seeing my doctor Tuesday. But overall the best part of this is learning to rest in a way that I so persistently resist. I either become a sad lump on the couch or I try to perform while feeling horrible. I get the grace to keep learning every day that Jesus loves me no more or no less whether I am leaning on him, lumping it, or trying to perform. He's such a great Lord!

The computer screen isn't my friend with all of these dizziness and nausea issues so I'ma sign out now, but I want to share some sweet Roger love because who doesn't love pictures of my adorable boy?

Shirt hat + banana toothbrush + smiles = Priceless.

He LOVES toothbrushing time, but this is why he never gets the
toothpaste--he'd straight up eat it!

I found him like this post nap...he sure did go to bed with pants on.

He threw them on the ground because he
would NOT be a part of their system!

Man, I just love this boy more and more!

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