You Want To Go To Here?

We live in the prettiest place ever. I cannot give credit beyond

a: it says Thatcher Photography and I found a link to his Flickr page
b: it was posted on the Facebook page for local Seattle station 107.7 The End

Mostly I just want to say that I love where I live. Technically, we now live to the left of the middle-ish of the picture. A year ago we lived just barely out of view of the bottom right corner of the picture. Either way, we live in a place that constantly amazes me with God's joy in creation. I'm sure people who live in Arizona think it's gorgeous there, and that's lovely, truly!, for them. My heart is happy with lots of trees, lots of mountains, and never feeling like I can see terribly too far from where I stand unless it's because I'm gazing out at the ocean.

Thankful to live in Bellevue, a ten minute hop from downtown Seattle (in non-rush hour traffic), and blessed that I believe that where I live is the most beautiful place in the entire world!

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