Season of Love

[No, I'm not going to write about the 525,600 minutes of last year. Just a fitting title!]

My life is shifting. A lot of change is happening in and around us--2012 already looks super different from 2011! Jason recently began leading our community group and I'll be intentionally fostering community with the women of our group outside of our whole-group Tuesday night meeting. We're also seeking to be intentional both to have people from group over for meals a few times a month, plus really intentionally invest in those who are apprentices in leadership to Jason with routine meetings. We also will both start leading Redemption Groups this weekend, after which will be on Sunday evenings.

Little man loving his stocking stuffers--
toothbrush and toothpaste for 'dem chompers!

My days are quite full and as a result I'm trying to be really intentional with how I steward my time. Praise Jesus, Roger has finally settled into a somewhat predictable schedule, which I'll share primarily because I know I'll look back at this someday and go, "Oh, yeah, that's how it used to be!"

10:30ish Wake up (some days are closer to 10, others even 11:15)
              Feed Bottle
              Feed real food
1:30  Down for nap
3-3:30ish Wake up (repeat bottle, food, play)
5:30 Down for nap
6:30 Wake up (this time it's play, bottle, food, bath)
8:30 Down for night

While Roger naps I clean (it takes a good 15 minutes just to clean up from his meals, darling messy boy!) and then on M, W, F I run, do about 15 minutes of strength training and try to shower all during that first nap. I like to think I'd do a separate workout on T, Th, and Sat but that's something I actually just now realized I need to pray through, as I'm quick to worship my attempts to get healthy. I sure would love to say that at least Tuesdays and Thursdays I would write during that first nap! The second nap tends to be right around when Jason gets home so I'm usually making dinner or trying to accomplish those little tasks that can't ben done when the Rog Podge is awake.

My favorite little mess maker :)

This sorta thing keeps me on my toes--he did this in LITERALLY
three seconds! Oof!

Due to the fact that Roger wakes up so late and that he has a REALLY hard time if he misses his nap times (or is woken up early) I had to step out of a Bible study that I LOVED on Friday mornings and we're praying through another opportunity where I've been asked to lead women on Wednesday mornings. I will say that I am trying to get myself into a sleep schedule where I wake up before Roger, though Jason and I have been very productive with our evenings and keep finding ourselves up too late. My body simply says, "Nope," in the mornings and I've enjoyed the grace of getting to sleep until Roger wakes up.

EDIT: It's 8:30 Thursday morning and, despite only being able to sleep about 4 hours last night, it's 8:30 and I couldn't fall back asleep so I just got up. It's not a running day and I don't feel all that well--praying praying praying it's not a cold coming on!--so I'm taking advantage of the opportunity to spend some solid time in the Bible without distraction, since I usually do that while feeding Roger a bottle and those times tend to come with much wrestling these days :)

Another recent change has been that Roger started crawling about three weeks ago and he's already closerthanthis to walking. I know some people say that to be braggarts, but I'm honestly not quite ready for it and he doesn't much seem to care! Just today it hit me that less than a month ago I would watch him with his favorite table toy, super frustrated when he couldn't stand up so he'd pull it down over his head and play with it that way. Now he's constantly standing at it and pretty much always standing at anything and everything. He tries to stand up when there's nothing to grab for help, and I'm silently glad that he hasn't figured it out yet. He doesn't have that balance to take steps without support quite figured out, and I know that he could stay here for at least another month, maybe two or three, but he could start walking next week.

I shall have both!

Though sometimes that leads to this...it would be funny if he
didn't cry so much when it happened!

Suffice it to say, I don't have much time during the day for anything beyond caring for Roger and keeping our home some semblance of clean. The funny thing is, so many times before when I would be in a season like this--where the vast majority of my life was lived within the walls of our home--I would feel gross about it. Sometimes it would be guilt, like I should be doing more. Other times it would be that itch, feeling like there had to be more to life. I heavily tend toward the former, so the latter tends to catch me off guard. This time, though, I can testify to true contentment!

I keep catching myself in the midst of pure joy. Once was last week, washing some dishes and realizing I had a stupid large grin in my face and dancing in my heart for no particular reason. Another was last night, laying in bed with Jason and somehow we ended up looking at Roger's birth album and we were so overcome with the bliss of knowing that sweet boy that we snuck him out of his crib and snuggled as a family in our bed for a bit. Then again, tonight I made a super tasty meal
and I was listening to both my men, big and little, make those grunts of food ecstasy that only a superb meal can bring and it just swelled my heart. And then I was doing the "after bath snuggle" (our routine is that daddy does the bath while mama cleans up, then mama gets to have "after bath snuggle" while daddy tidies up the bathroom) with Roger and I felt such contentment that I thought I might burst.

Look at this darling boy! This was during the after bath snuggle
tonight; can you blame me for feeling overwhelmed with
awesomeness and joy?

Not every season brims with contentment, nor does every season mainly confine one to their home. But with a solid third of our weekly evenings being committed to ministry I'm grateful for the sweet moments of family life. I'm grateful that Jesus calls us to live poured out lives but that as we enjoy him he fills us up with himself in a plethora of ways, and one is sweet family moments.

Thank you, Jesus, for my family and the honor of spreading your good news via ministry. I pray that I would always enjoy you in the details.

[Written so late last night that I decided to wait and post it today!]

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