Merry Christmas!!

I have a lovely year-end post in the works, so today it's simple and sweet. The card says it all, really! But, for those lazing around today with not much better to do than peruse the happenings we shared in our Christmas letter (or if you were of those who didn't get their card yet because it's late or one at all because we were wrong by about 15 when we thought 50 cards were enough!) then enjoy!

And FYI, our surname is Swedish, ergo the Swede-themed signature.


Dear Friends and Family,                                                          December 2011
Hello! It is with great joy this year that we are writing to you as a family of three! Roger Nehemiah was born 03.11.11. It was an eventful year for him! He enjoyed meeting not only many friends from our beloved greater Mars Hill Church family but also many blood relatives. Within a week of birth he met most on Jason’s side of the family: Grandpa Roger and Grandma Julie, Grandma Sherry, the Fish’s, Stern’s, and a bit later Great-grandma Sharon, and almost all of the Hagglund clan (including both of his uncles, Nick and Aaron, and his Aunt Nicole and cousins Brianna and Nick, Jr.) at a family reunion in August. He also recently met the Schafer’s just before their sweet new daughter was born on Tami’s birthday! On Tami’s side of the family, he met Great-grandma Shirley, Great-aunt Rose and second cousin Kara Shook, and all of Great-uncle Verl Canterbury’s family. It’s fair to say that he was adored by all, and we’re certain the feelings were mutual ;)

Roger is, praise Jesus, a perfectly healthy and normal boy.  He recently broke the 20 pound barrier (with 3 oz to spare!) at his 9 month check-up. He also celebrated being 9 months old by crawling the day after his mini-birthday. He’s a super curious boy and loves to laugh and practice saying mamama and dadada. He already seems to have a healthy balance of mama’s love of people and daddy’s quiet introspection. Nary a day goes by that someone doesn’t tell us how beyond cute he is, and just what a joy of a baby God has given us as a blessing. Our love really can’t be ensconced in mere words, but we sure try! We have lots of videos of him on YouTubejust search for user jasandtam

This year was eventful beyond Roger’s birthJanuary saw an unexpected blitz move from Seattle to Bellevue due to extenuating circumstances and in order to be closer to Jason’s work. We were welcomed as family into a GREAT new community group and have found Mars Hill Bellevue to be so like home that we forget we haven’t lived here our whole marriage! Speaking of, we celebrated 4 years this last Septembersuch grace!

In July Jason began a new job working as a vendor at Microsoft as a software tester. He loves it there and we are praying that Jesus would bless us with the opportunity for Jason to work as an FTE.  This would make him employed by Microsoft and not through a contracting agency; he is void of certain privileges of being an FTE, such as the health benefits, ability to ride the Connector bus, etc., not to mention it would nearly double his salary :) Tami stopped her at-home job doing transcription shortly after Roger was born and is loving life as a full time mama and keeper of the home. Writing has proven challenging due to lack of time but not lack of passion! Posts have been rare, but you are welcome to follow along on her blog: tamihagglund.net

Jason went through Redemption Groups (a ministry with the purpose of teaching Christians how to live out the gospel in all areas of life, including issues related to deeply rooted sin and/or hurt as the result of others’ sin against you) this fall and saw Jesus work in his heart in a beautiful way. Jason said with his mouth that Jesus was his God, but the Lord revealed that there were many non-obvious habits of life where he chose to trust in his own works and shield himself from both God’s love and the love of Christian brothers and sisters in community.  It’s so like Jesus to be faithful to reveal sin and bring redemption! He was asked to become an apprentice and begin the leadership path in Redemption Groups.

Additionally, our community group is bursting at the seams and Jesus commissioned Jason to step up there as well. In January Jason will begin leading in both the Redemption Group and community group ministries. Tami has been on a baby Roger induced leadership break for the past year, but she’ll begin leading Redemption Groups again in January. She’s also excited to step up in a leadership role with the women in community group as the leader’s wife.

We’re super excited for 2012! Mars Hill will begin the Real Marriage sermon series in January and we’re praying for our own marriage to grow in love and friendship. Prayers that we will lead well in humility, vulnerability, and repentance and see much redemption in the marriages in our community group are coveted and appreciated! March will see Roger turn 1 year old, and Tami is training to do her first 5k as a runner (her first as a walker was in September). Jason is also becoming an athlete of sorts, riding his bike nearly 15 miles a day round trip to Microsoft. We love being a one car family!

Since we’re asked often, our current plan (though Jesus is always welcome to alter it) is to begin trying for baby #2 circa fall of 2012possibly numbers 2 and 3, as Tami still prays for twins! Another reason to pray for Jason to get an FTE position, as the medical costs of maternity would be untenable on our current insurance coverage and salary.

Ultimately, we count ourselves very blessed and see Jesus’ grace and redemption abundantly in our lives. We thank our God upon every remembrance of each of you and pray that same grace and redemption would be evident and celebrated in your lives this upcoming year.

Hus av Hagglund (Jason, Tami, and Roger)

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