Overdue Catch-Up!

I have the BEST job in the entire world.
I miss writing. It has been way, way too long. So many thoughts and issues have been on my mind and heart but time has been short. The thing is, taking care of Roger (who is 8.5 months and about to crawl--really crawl, not scoot--any day now) is about 75% of my day. Another 15% is various cooking, cleaning, and home upkeep tasks. Once Roger is down for the evening is my Jason time, for about 2.5 hours before bed.

That leaves 10%--about an hour or two. I have to choose between running, writing, and deeper cleaning. So, I've mostly been running and then do a lengthy blitz of deeper cleaning (the vacuuming, dusting, bathrooms, etc) once a month or so. Sometimes, like this last weekend, Jason helps me with that. Jason is AMAZING about helping me with the home, by the way. I'm so, so blessed. Some guys are jerks who think that the home is the woman's entire job and he shouldn't have to help except in extreme circumstances. Jason tells me repeatedly that his number one concern is that I focus on being the best mother to Roger that I can. His explicit reminder to me is he'd rather help with housework and have a happy, well developed son and joy filled mama of a wife than a clean house with a grouchy, neglected son and stressed out, guilt ridden mama.

One other thing I do that takes most of Roger's main nap each day is enter a bunch of online sweepstakes. Not freaky schemes, the real deal. In fact, here's where I learn about most of them:

Queenbee Sweepstakes Blog

So far my only win has been a free Wholly Guacamole product but I figure that even if I only win one "big" thing a year, hopefully over the thousand dollar range, then it's worth the 30 minutes a day to enter each one. Right now I have about 60 I enter; I only enter for things I actually want (rarely do I enter ones where I have to "like" a Facebook page because that annoys me!). They're everything from various HGTV dream home giveaways to toys for Roger to cash prizes to electronics to gift cards to trips to Italy, NYC, etc. I don't place my hope in them, for sure, but if I win something eventually then that would be lovely. I do have to say that definitely cuts into my writing time, though!

As for the running: it's been going well! I have a lot I want to say, but it's better saved for a later post. I'll resist the temptation to dive in now, but I keep being amazed at what I can do! And Jesus has been continually working out his redemption in my heart regarding body, weight, exercise, food, all of it! It's been good but so hard. So many issues just come up again and again. Really looking forward to that post, though!

If you have Pinterest then you've likely seen this
17,811 times but it rings true to me :)
The issue with running and time, however, is that because it's been so ridiculously cold I can't in good conscience haul Roger outside for an hour every day to just sit in the stroller. If he could run around that would be one thing, but just bundled up in 30-some-degree weather isn't cool. And that's not to mention that I can't breathe well and it activates the asthmatic issues I can have with my lungs if I'm not careful. So, I usually have to go around 7 at night in the fitness room in our apartment complex when Jason gets home. That, too, cuts into my ability to write in the evenings since I am catching up on feeding Jason and me dinner and such once we get Rog into bed around 8. The benefit to that, though, is that I also do about 20 minutes of weight training. It makes me realize how much I miss the gym and I very much look forward to when we can afford a gym membership again for me someday :)

So that's that. Not deep, just a real explanation of what's been up with me! I feel the longing in my soul that comes when I'm not writing, though, so I plan to be more intentional and get at least one to two posts a week, minimum, even if I have to actually schedule it in. I'm loathe to box myself into schedules but sometimes it's needed! Pray that I'll have wisdom and a soft heart toward Jesus for that, if you don't mind :)

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