Seven Months!

Dear Roger,

You are seven months old today. How did that happen? Last Friday you turned 30 weeks, and I remember how excited your daddy and I were when you turned 10 days old because you were in the double digits! And actually, I remember celebrating your 24-hours-old birthday! We were just so excited that you were finally here and every moment was worthy of celebration! And now you're SEVEN months! You're closer to 1 year old than you are to being my teensy little newborn.

Just a happy, healthy seven month old boy!

You at 24 hours old--what a long way you've come in the last 212 days!
Sweet boy, what an absolute joy it is having you in our lives. Just yesterday I was praising Jesus because every single phase of your life has me praising Jesus (yes, redundant, but I get to praise Jesus that I get to praise Jesus!) that it's my favorite phase yet!

See, I loved month one newborn you. You were so sweet and cuddly and yeah, you cried a bit and helped me avoid sleep for the most part, but man, when you were asleep and snuggled into me...my heart just melted.

My darling one month old baby boy.

Then came month two when you started smiling. I thought there was NOTHING better than you smiling.

Ah, the bare bum on the tum days of your second month...
But then in month three you started staring at me, really holding my gaze and I read an article about how eye contact with your mama--me!--made your pulse quicken and your blood pressure rise. Could it get better?

Staring at your mama :)
But then in month four you were so smiley and playful and you started LAUGHING so I was pretty sure my life was complete.

This mama? Yeah, she's in love with her Rog Podge!
Of course, life went on and in month five you quit hating tummy time and started getting so cute and rolling around and so fascinated with exploring everything around you. I loved watching you explore and learn!

Roley-poley, bath loving boy!
But then you grew bigger and in month six you went from just looking at me and smiling and laughing to really interacting with me. It was so incredibly fun! I was content to just enjoy your adorableness...

Kisses for Mama!
Then this month came along and you just got even cuter. You're starting to sit up, you eat food now (pureed, of course), and your first two teeth came in. We have SO much fun together! And you love all of the silly songs I sing--I can get you from crying in frustration to flat-out giggling in about 15 seconds. One of my favorite things is that when I walk into a room your face lights up, you get ridiculously excited, and your little legs start kicking like crazy! Plus, my heart melts into a vaporous puddle when I watch your sweet, chubby little cheeks all relaxed with slumber when you fall asleep, as you do pretty much every day when we go exercise at the park. That's not even to mention the rapture I felt when, after the struggles of ending swaddling this month, I discovered you doing the most wonderful sleep pose ever: the on your tum with your little bum in the air pose. I will remember these days and cry, baby boy!

Your favorite face to make :)

Big boy!

Oh, no biggie, you just eat like a big boy now!

You're the best exercise buddy ever.

Hey, Mama! Great workout we had!

My heart will NEVER be the same.

This image is tucked away in Daddy's and my hearts FOREVER.

Full belly!

Daddy loves you, too!
Oh, baby boy! It's just such a joy having you in our life. Your daddy and I often stare at you in awe--are you really that tiny little speck we saw in that first ultrasound? This wonderful, amazing, beloved little creature in our lives--did you really come from us?

Sometimes when we go to a party with a bunch of other cute babies and little kids--whom I really do love!--and we pack up to do home I'm just in awe of Jesus, because you are the one who comes home with us. You're our baby boy, our Rog Podge, truly a delight and source of endless joy in our lives.

Harder days may still come, Roger, but I can honestly proclaim to you with the Lord and your daddy as my witnesses: never once, for even a second, have I looked back nor yearned for the days before you came, when my life was so much more my own. This world is truly filled with more hope, more joy, more wonder and merriment because you are in it. I thank our sweet Jesus every time I think of you, Roger! I honestly cannot imagine how a mother could love her child more!

We love you, Roger, and I want to dedicate to you some of my favorite lines of song ever written, penned by Sir Elton John (here's my favorite performance of it, by Ewan McGregor):

I hope you don't mind!
I hope you don't mind!
That I put down in words...
How wonderful life is now you're in the world.


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