A Weighty Series, part 1

Oh, weight and body image. I cautiously yet ferociously declare that women will never be completely released from this struggle until the elect are free from sin and worship Jesus without hindrance in heaven. I always have a lot of elements centered on this theme tumbling around the composter of my heart and mind. There's way too much to pack into one blog post, so I'm going to do a few and keep them shorter.

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Today's post is the one that's nipping at my fingers to get out so I shall. Last night at the MTV Video Music Awards Demi Lovato, a former Disney star breaking out of that mold, was the center of another media...well, bonfire. Not a firestorm, but it still caught my eye. I'll just be straight up and admit I barely knew anything about her before the actual firestorm last fall, which I'll get to in a minute, and I couldn't name a single thing she's done other than she used to date a Jonas brother, another Disney act I know nothing about. I'm not writing as a crazed fan, but as a woman who hopes to raise daughters and who is raising a son, and he's likely to marry a woman. I'm writing this because I also am a woman who knows the pain of battling weight and hating my body and finding not just a lack of grace but complete condemnation from others.

So then, onto Demi. The first media fodder was her trip to rehab, said to be for physical and emotional issues. We later learned that part of these were the fact that she has battled an eating disorder since she was 8 years old. Tragically, that eating disorder was at the center of last night's drama. Demi showed up wearing a sparkly silver dress and looking beautiful. [Note: the picture of her in the dress in the linked article isn't very modest, so if you are sensitive to those things, click with caution.] Unfortunately, Twitter lit up with disparaging comments regarding her weight. Her own followers told her that she looked fat, and that's not even to mention those who are classified as "haters."

I'm not a genius with regards to sizing, since all of my adult life has been spent in the 20s (praise God, I'm at the low end now, but I sure can't wait to enter the teens!). That said, there's no way she's over a size 6, and she's possibly even a 4 because they do say cameras add 10-15 pounds. The fact that she's getting attacked for being "fat" just breaks my heart. If you read the article, she did respond to some of the attackers and said, basically, 'I'm great and how lame are you that you have to attack me."

EDIT: Upon a late night reread, it occurs to me that my last sentence should read as such: If you read the article, she did respond to some of the attackers and said, basically, 'I have an eating disorder but am getting healthier and am doing great; how lame are you that you have to attack me about it?"

This reminded me of how the other night I turned on the TV to watch something I had TiVo'd when someone was powerfully singing a song that, while not my typical taste, was sung with such deep emotion that it actually gave me the chills; if you don't get them at the 3:00 mark then you're crazy! You can see that performance from America's Got Talent here, on NBC.com.  The brain synapses fired and I realized that, too, was Demi Lovato. I found the video and one of the lines of lyrics really saddened me:
Would it make you feel better to watch me while I bleed?
I have so much more to say, but I want to let those words really sink in. I'll follow up tomorrow and not make you wait 2 days, like I normally do. There's a price to pay for brevity with me, but I'm doing my best to make it an easy cost!

Just because, though, here is the video embedded, and the line I quoted is at 1:35. This song may not have the vocal prowess of Beyonce but it's honest, raw, and I commend Demi for her fight literally for her life in the midst of an often cruel and heartless public eye.

Second Monday Night Edit: It hit me while making dinner that I'm not done speaking about Ms. Lovato just yet; if this post leaves you feeling a bit like, "Uh, so she gained weight but told people to back off and that's that?" I have a few more posts for this series lined up and I'll retouch on how our world treats famous women with regards to their bodies, and thus the prejudice against all of us women, particularly those who don't have physiques nearly as worldly beautiful as those being called "fat" and told to lose weight and be perfect. I say this only because if I read only this post, and even the next one, I'd feel a bit hopeless. There is hope, my friends, and his name is Jesus. The specifics are to come!

Tomorrow gets more personal, so be sure to check in. If you are a fan of my facebook page then I'll certainly post there! If you're not, it sure would be great if you were because I'm only 2 away from 25 fans, and then I can customize my name :)

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