Sunburn Saga

Since breastfeeding has ended, I am working on losing weight. No silly fad diets, just really paying attention to what I'm eating and intentionally exercising. My current routine has been to do cardio M, W, F and then strength training (currently, 30 Day Shred, so I'm getting strength and cardio) on T and Th. I worked out on my elliptical Monday last week but decided on Wednesday and Friday to get out and walk. Wednesday was perfect--I burned 950 calories in 90 minutes. Boo yah!

Friday was another story. I met up with my dear friend Marilee and we decided to walk from her house to a nearby park. There's a KILLER hill that gets your heart going something fierce! It's about 1.7 miles each way and a great workout. But then as we neared the park we thought, hey, why not just walk to the pick-your-own blueberry farm? It didn't seem too much farther.

Really, it wasn't crazy farther--only about a mile more--the park is that big green patch near SE 22nd St. But then we walked around the lake, and laced through the thickets picking blueberries.

[They're only $1.25 a pound and super sweet and delicious--how awesome is that? I'll be writing about their usage hopefully later this week.]

Back to the sweet cuppin' cakes exercise, though--if you add in walking around the park, where we did stop on our way home, it was easily 5 miles. Not a crazy amount of walking, though there were some decent hills and my bodybugg said I burned--get this--1,700 calories in 4 hours. AWESOME. I would normally burn about 450 in that time.

However, here's the major bummer--when I got up Friday morning it was freezing. I looked outside, saw tons of clouds, shivered much, and wore a tank top but put on a hoodie over it. I dressed Rog in a long sleeved onesie, overalls (note to self: must write post later on why overalls save our lives despite my non-love of them on babies...or anyone that isn't a farmer by profession), and socks. When I got to Mare's it was still chilly though there were some sun breaks in the clouds.

However, once we cleared aforementioned Killer Hill (that's now its name!) I was starting to sweat. I removed my hoodie and we walked on. I actually remember thinking I should put on sunscreen when we got to the park, because the park is in the shade and by the time we headed home I would have the 30-minutes out of the sun time for the sunscreen to do its thing. But then we got the crazy awesome idea to walk to Larsen Lake / the blueberry farm, and I sure did completely space out about my whole propensity to burn just thinking about the sun.

When we were walking around I did my normal eye-like-a-hawk on Rog to ensure that he had a hat on, that his sun shade on his best ever stroller was covering him, and I intentionally kept his socks on to protect his little sweet baby feet, though eventually the shirt came off and he was a redneck in only overalls, kept in the shade, of course. I was so focused on making sure he was ok that I completely forgot about myself.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Now, don't get me wrong--I would literally suffer a thousand sunburns to protect Roger from getting even one. He's my baby--how could I not be willing to do that? But I must never, ever forget about sunscreen again because I am suffering disastrous results. Here, a photo montage of proof:

This was after a cold shower the night of.

Take today; the yellow cast disguises how red
this awful burn still is. 

A little better pic of the tragic hue of
my sad, sad shoulders.

See how bumpy my red skin is? Yeah,
those are zillions of little, painful
blisters. Not fun :(

Here's the bummer: I can hardly do anything. Jason was awesome all weekend and took sweet care of me. I think I overdid it at a barbecue Saturday because yesterday I could hardly move. Three days later, heat is still emanating from my poor shoulders. It's hard to pick up Roger and he doesn't know that his normal touches make me want to cry, so he just gives me really odd looks when I gasp in pain.

Going anywhere is out of the question, as I can't bear to have any clothing touch the burn and the movement required to get ready and get in the car is utterly overwhelming to me. Worst of all, I can't exercise because the thought of sweat on my burn? I wince just thinking about it and the mere possibility makes me want to cry. Just typing this is hard, but I can't bear to not be somewhat productive.

I feel a little foolish, and completely annoyed that this was preventable. My fair, tender skin may have burned anyway even with sunscreen, but it would have been far, far less awful. In the future, though, I hope I never forget the sunscreen again! I keep some in the diaper bag at all times, along with my Epi-pen (beesting allergy) because both save my life, the first figuratively and the latter literally.

I can only say this: I have yet another reason to excitedly usher in my absolute favorite season: FALL!! Come on over already, October!

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