Five Whole Months

No, really, he started out this little.
My boy turned 5 months old today. Sometimes I look at his newborn pics and wonder how that sweet baby ever turned into the big boy--no, really, he's stinkin' TALL!--I have now. But then I look at my big boy and wonder how he was ever so tiny and new. The other night Jason and I watched videos from when Roger was born and I started crying. I'm such a mom now, but I remember like it was 5 minutes ago, and sometimes it's hard to believe I'll never get that tiny baby back. I get why women get pregnant faster than they intended, but for the record I plan to make it two years from now to start trying. We'll see how that goes ;) My comfort is in that we hope to have three more; when we know it's the last one I'll be a horrid wreck.

Anyway, I want to write my monthly letter to my boy!


Dear Roger,

These last 153 days have been the greatest of my life. No, really--your presence in our lives has made your daddy and me happier than ever. It's been so incredibly wonderful. Words can never express how sweet life is now that you're in the world.

At this very second, 11:30 pm on August 11, 2011, you are:

                5 months
              21 weeks
            153 days
         3,676 hours
     220,539 minutes
13,232,393 seconds old.

And, for the record, I have loved every one. Even trying to nurse you at 4am with you screaming with hunger and me feeling like the worst failure of a mother. I didn't love it in that I'd like to live it again, don't get me wrong, but I loved that I had the opportunity to not be able to nurse a baby, because I had a baby to try to nurse. I ached for you, Roger, long before you existed in my belly. You were one very wanted baby, and every day I'm grateful that you are here and your daddy and I get the gift of being your parents.
Cutest baby ever.
I've done a right awful job of recording your milestones, so let's record the ones from this last month!

  • You rolled over the day of your four month birthday, from tummy to back
  • You still haven't quite rolled over from back to tummy--you get up on your side but simply don't seem interested in going the rest of the way over quite yet
  • You've gone past interest in just staring at your hanging toys on your play mat / gym--your strong little self pulls them as far down as the arcs will bend trying to get them into your mouth
  • Oh, and that--EVERYTHING goes into your mouth now--this month included daddy's glasses, mama's hair / fingers / wedding covenant ring, countless toys, and your rags (the microfiber cloths we use to clean your spit-up off of you). I'm sure anything else we left in your path would have gone in, but praise Jesus, to this point we've been able to steer you clear.
  • And speaking of your rags, the whole, "Oh, babies stop spitting up at 4 months!" line that Babycenter fed me was a fat lie. To be fair, you spit up SLIGHTLY less, but I can always tell the second I overfeed you because it comes right back out. 
    • Your recent thing, you stinker, is to turn your head ONTO me, away from your own body, to spit up. So rude. (But, admittedly, kinda funny)
  • Feeding you? Total guessing game. We're usually right on at 6 ounces, but sometimes you probably would have been ok at 5. And then if you're in a growth spurt, you'll eat 10 and not even spit up. It's crazy town! And it still stands that the second you fatten up AT ALL you just get taller. I no longer fret about it--I'll feed you as much as you desire to be fed and rest with what your body does with that.
  • On Thursday the 4th, just before turning 21 weeks old, you slept in your crib (no longer the bassinet) for the first time. You celebrated by immediately doing this (something you never did in your bassinet):

  • You can sit up while propped, but we haven't tried sitting you up without propping because, well, when we try for two seconds with you on our laps you topple right on over.
  • You stand like a champ! You aren't at all interested in trying to take a step, but you can stand for quite awhile before you decide you're over it :)
  • You absolutely recognize your name--sometimes if I'm talking to you, you'll look all over and only Jesus knows what, but if I say your name (or the variants, i.e. Rog Podge, or the full on Roger Nehemiah) you'll look right at me.
  • You're starting ever so slightly to show affection--not quite the loving taps or anything, but you're starting to reach out for daddy and me, and starting to touch our faces and almost stroke our arms and such. Most times it's just grabbing at something interesting, but sometimes it's loving as much as your little self can show, and talk about heart melting in mama! Oof!
  • You insist on holding your bottle yourself as much as possible. They're made of glass, and quite heavy (especially the 8 oz ones) but you seem not to care. Methinks you'll be the type to want to do things on your own as soon as we start feeding you actual food. Bring it on, independent boy!
  • Everyone was right--you love the heck out of bath time. And I'm glad daddy does most of it because you now don't even care about water in the face, whereas if I did it all the time you'd be quite the priss about it, I'm sure.
  • You try to sing with daddy and I sometimes. It's pretty much the greatest thing EVER.
  • You still love to snuggle. Praise Jesus for that! May it last forever :)
I'm probably forgetting things, but those are the gist of it all. More than anything, I just love the heck out of you. When you can read this someday, I hope you say, "Aw, mom, I already knew that. Never a second passes that I doubt the love you and dad have for me and I know it's a minor reflection of the love God the Father has for me."

Whew, the thought of that day is more than this tender heart can bear. I adore you, Roger. Here's to the next 80 or so years, yeah?


And now, picture montage:

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