Sorry, Williams-Sonoma

Two quick things today, and they really will be quick because Roger is sleeping, I'm desperate for a shower (how can two days feel like two months sometimes?) and his cloth diapers are drying outside in the sun and I'm pretty much terrified that someone will walk off with $300 worth of bumGenius and fuzzibunz if I don't check every five minutes. That said, letting the rank poo build-up linger would be worse, so sun bleaching with a chance of poaching it is.

#1: I read this verse today in my devotional time and just felt compelled to share it. I have a post in the works sort of related but it's waiting for another day :) Here's Proverbs 14:30*:

A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh,
but envy makes the bones rot.

I always think envy is sitting and stewing on something someone else has that I want. That's envy, for sure, but I think that what really brings rottenness to my bones is anytime I think I need something that I don't have. Maybe a real person in my life has it, or maybe it's just a picture in the email I get every day from Williams-Sonoma and think how unfair it is that someone else out there got the same email and just went and ordered it.

To want something is one thing; to feel incomplete because I don't have something is rather different. I'm quite sure that if I physically ached with decaying bones every time I envied something some ambiguous "better off" person has then I'd see what a problem it is. The subtle rottenness, the discontent, the lack of a tranquil heart--those are the things which seem palatable, normal. But they aren't; they are akin to a disease turning my marrow into a putrid, festering mess with which I live and secretly love despite my protests of loathing.

That's a lot to chew on. Maybe I just ruined your day, but chew on it with me if the Lord leads you to, eh?**

#2: Remember the adorable video of Roger being all happy yesterday? Well, I was just about to watch it after I put up that post when he started fussing that he was awake from his nap. I almost watched it anyway but decided to get him up and watch it with him. Boy howdy*** am I sure glad I did because I was able to capture on video the best. footage. ever. Rog laughed, I mean full on LAUGHED, at himself. It was delightful. Jason and I watched the video like 5 times last night together. It's just too cute; Rog sounds like a squeaky toy!

So, you can see it too, just in case you somehow missed it (if you're my facebook friend that seems pretty unlikely). Seriously--if you're grouchy or sad or way too busy and stressed, watch this. It reminds you that the simplest things in life are pretty dang amazing and, no offense Williams-Sonoma, but they sure can't be purchased on the internet:

Was this quick? I wrote it in about 7 minutes, length be damned!

  * How awesome is the ESV online site? You can listen to the verse aloud, even. Seriously awesome sauce.

 ** I'm from Seattle--we don't say, "Eh." But I just felt right.

*** We don't say that, either. Blurg.

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