Quick Bitz = Quickz. Get it? And this episode will have pictures or links below each one. Yahoo!

Here we go:

Since the last time I wrote I've acquired an entirely new look! My amazingly stylish (and hot) friend Emma gave me make-up tutorials and hooked me up with a sweet set of funness. The only bummer is my 6 week hair color barely took (as in washed out almost entirely in 3 washes with gentle shampoo/conditioner), so I need to make my hair less healthy so it will actually absorb permanent color once I figure out the shade I want :)

New Look! Love the bangs--never thought they'd look
good on me but they do!

Today was awesome. Rog and I went with some sweet friends to the zoo. Such great times--lions and orangutans and giraffes and penguins, oh my! More pics to come, for sure, but I'm including a pic of Rog and me that I adore.

I LOVE my son! He's wearing his zoo appropriate tiger cub shirt :) 

I got new glasses today. Yay! I thought my eyesight was pretty good...and then I put my glasses on today. As I said on Facebook, the only appropriate word is DAMN! I mean, I could sort of make out clumps of leaves from 45 feet or so away before. Now I can see the VEINS in leaves from the same distance. It's like living life in HD, not to mention HD looks way better, too, and I'll probably never ask my husband the score again! Amazing sauce. And my husband thinks I look hot. You can judge for yourself in the pic.

Heeeeeeeey-ohhhh! Glasses!

Lastly, I also ordered my new laptop today. We got a sweet discount since my husband works at Microsoft and we got a free Xbox. Holla! It should be here Monday and the hope is that since we'll both have laptops I'll be able to blog more while Jas studies! Hopefully with that sweet graphics card I don't just veg out on the Sims 3 building houses all the time :) Just because I'm cool you can see the exact model. In the link below. Oh, and we're PC people, even before J got hired at Microsoft, so that's why it's not a Macbook. I'm just a Windows girl who loves her iPhone :)

HP Envy 14-series

Happy Friday :) It's finally summer in Seattle Bellevue so we're enjoying it!

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