Taste And See

Remember how I said I'm having a heckuva time losing weight, despite only eating about 2,200 calories a day and burning circa 2,700? Well, I was wrong. I didn't intentionally lie--I really thought I was only eating that many calories. But then I started measuring with the best kitchen scale ever and strictly counting every. single. calorie. And...well, ouch. I sure was probably eating between 2,700-3,200.

Well that sure explains a lot.

I wasn't being ridiculous, not incessantly stuffing my face with horrid foods. (There was an incident with a bag of Ruffles that mysteriously disappeared from our pantry after only 2-1/2 days...I guess a handful here and there causes things to go quickly! This is why I never buy those kinds of things!) But generally speaking, I thought I was eating carefully. Only whole grains, minimal sweets, lots of protein. But then I once I began counting calories I realized my idea of a serving size of things like nuts had expanded to more like an actual serving and a half. Sad day.

Plus, once I actually counted the calories, it became painfully obvious how much bad "food" (read: processed, nutrient-scare junk) I had actually allowed to become a part of my life again after being dead to me for so long. There were those Ruffles. A cake I made with a can of soda because a serving size is only 1 Weight Watchers point (I'm not doing WW, I just heard it was something people do and gave 'er a spin). We let eating out be an option a few times a month and sometimes it wasn't quite fast food but it wasn't the healthiest fare, either.

I really meant it when I talked about wanting to worship Jesus in everything. Some rough days with a sick baby showed me how much I wanted to run to food (I won't elaborate now because this is long-ish and I'd like to dig into that more!) and not Jesus. The problem was that once I got strict with the eatin's it hurt. I felt punished. I've had chocolate covered almonds in my pantry for ages and I'd eat a few here and there but once I had to count those calories it felt like I was in trouble somehow. That sat like a semi-truck on my chest all. day. long. Every single stinking day.


Anything other than plain old tortilla chips cannot come into my home. I can't stop myself from eating way, way too many at a time. Betcha can't eat just one is the most painfully cruel true slogan ever. And that cake? It had to go down the garbage disposal. I even poured hot water over it as I did the deed, because I couldn't trust myself not to pick at it as I sent it down the drain. And if you've ever seen Miranda's experience with a box-made chocolate cake on Sex and the City then you know exactly why I couldn't just throw it in the garbage.

I sure hope I'm not alone in this, though I'm sorry for anyone who can commiserate. But there's light at the end of this cavern I got lost in. I bought some tasty good foods from Costco, Trader Joe's, and PCC (an uber local--and uber awesome--Whole Foods type place). And you know what? It hasn't been so bad. Cutting sugar to a minimum has curbed further cravings. I always think that I wish raw broccoli tasted like salty, crispy potato chips. That an orange would give me the same satisfaction as a square of dark chocolate. But I found some delicious fares that haven't left me too terribly wanting. Plus, a serving and a half of baby carrots with a serving of hummus is perfect, so good, and so good for me!

Learning to find comfort in Jesus is an entirely different series of posts but I have been working on my eating. My goal is about 2,200 calories a day; when I stayed "on plan" for 4 days I lost as many pounds, so it's a matter of learning to worship as I eat well.  I have found that I can eat well and still be eating truly delicious foods, something I used to know was true but seemed to have forgotten. But for real--the food I have been able to eat while staying on point has been so good! I'm going to try to write about said foods here and there.

Here's my favorite breakfast:

So unbelievably good! Seriously I can hardly believe how savory, succulent, and satisfying this is!

To make your own:

1 slice of Dave's Killer Bread*, toasted
    [you cannot go wrong with a motto of, "Just say no to bread on drugs."]
Two omega-3 eggs**, cooked over easy in a quick spray of canola oil
1 organic, ripe roma tomato***
Two fresh basil leaves****
Sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper to taste on eggs and tomato

310 calories, 22 grams of protein, full of healthy goodness for your body, delicious AND filling! Yum!

Raw broccoli still tastes like raw broccoli but my body feels better and so we go, hopefully, upward and onward.

*Bread: We get ours, the organic 21 whole grains kind, from Costco. It's so good I could eat it plain when toasted, no joke.

**Eggs: Another Costco buy. Also, if you like runny yolks (I LOVE 'em) then buttering your toast is entirely unecessary.

***Tomatoes: We get these from Full Circle farm, a CSA delivery service. It's amazing and they're great.

****Basil: I got a plant from Trader Joe's...hoping I keep it alive for longer than two weeks this year!


  1. Two eggs on toasted bread (minus the other deliciousness you mentioned) is my every day breakfast these days on WW. Its 5-6 points and keeps me full all morning (minus needing a spinach, frozen fruit and water smoothie for a snack) these days. Not the case with cereal or muffins. Love Dave's killer bread too (not what I use, but I love it!)