Dear Daddy [A First Father's Day Love Letter]

Today marks my husband Jason's first Father's Day. He's an amazing daddy. I try to always tell him privately the "sweet things", as we call them, about why he's wonderful, those things that I just love about him. I think it also blesses husbands to be honored publicly by their wives and so I'm choosing to do so. Here, then, is an open letter to my beloved Jason filled with lots of pictures of my favorite XY-chromosome carrying homo sapiens.

Dear Daddy-

Daddy and Rog a few hours after birth
You're an amazing daddy. No, really. Neither of us had any idea what we were really getting ourselves into, despite the seven bazillion books I read in advance. And I won't lie--I wondered how you'd do with confidently holding and caring for your newborn son. Remember when you first held Vivian? You were terrified! But, based on conversation we had a few weeks ago, I agree with you--it's all so different when it's your own baby. You're less scared of breaking them; somehow you simply know what to do.

You were that way with Roger. I remember seeing you hold him for the first time, a confident father embracing his newborn son, awe and wonder scripted across your face. If my (not entirely trustworthy!) memory serves me correctly your first words when Roger entered the world were, "Oh wow, oh wow." You were so proud--you followed that boy around with the video camera when the nurses cleaned him up and didn't dare leave my side when he was with me. Immediately you were a fully hands on daddy. I didn't change a single diaper until Roger was like 5 days old! So sweet of you :)

Since then, you've been amazing. You've rinsed your fair share of poopy cloth diapers, fed countless bottles, folded tiny onesies, and scrubbed our boy down in bath after bath. Those are wonderful elements, to be sure. But my heart is most mushy at two things you do continually.
One of my favorite pics--
both are asleep and notice where the
bottle nipple is NOT ;)

First, you read the Bible to our son, you pray with him, and you sing praise to Jesus together with him. I'll never forget the first time I heard you singing to Roger--I just sat in the hallway with my ear pressed against his door and listened in on your private moment. It was so beautiful that I cried.

You are willing to admit your failings as a Christian and as a Christian father. You know that you are a sinner and that you will never be done repenting. I love that you keep fighting, though. You don't give up on Jesus and you don't give up on preaching the gospel both to yourself and to your son. I pray you never do.

Secondly, while I love seeing you play with Roger and I sure do enjoy the chores you help me with, the thing that melts my heart more than anything else is this: sometimes you'll be in the midst of tending to Roger, be it feeding or playing or cleaning him up or the plethora of other things our tiny human son demands, and you'll just get this dreamy look on your face. I know my choice of words there was correct, because you literally look at him and it's clear that he is your dream come true. I know that technically I was the one yearning for parenthood before he got here and you weren't sure it was time yet, but now it's clear that our son is a fulfillment of a deeply rooted dream for you, too, and sometimes you still can't believe that it's real, that your flesh-and-blood son is in your arms. I'm right there with you, Baby.

Still one of my favorites :)

So, amazing husband, happy Father's Day. Roger truly is blessed to have you as a daddy. He'll learn so many great qualities from you--how to work hard, how to respect and love his wife and other women, how to be transparent and vulnerable in Christian community with other men, how to properly prioritize Jesus, wife, children, church, work, and others, and, best of all, how to be a repentant and humble father.

I love you. You're an amazing daddy. He's not old enough to tell you so yet, but I'm certain that Roger thinks so, too.

Your Tam

[And now, a picture-a-palooza!]

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  1. What an amazing blog Tami! You are very blessed with a great husband and a son. =) Happy Father's Day! Hope you have a great day with the family!