I Would Love To Win Something Cool...

...so I entered a contest to win a Cricut Expression 2 (I REALLY hope I win!) and I get an extra entry if I blog about it, so here's a link so you can enter, too:


In other news, I'll be blogging soon, I hope. At the very least, Roger will be two months old next Thursday and so I want to update with snippets I've learned / experienced with him in the last 2 months! Plus, he's starting to sleep a WEE bit more during the day without screaming to be held (praise God, he sleeps great at night, it's just the days where he hates to be away from me) so I might be able to get into a rhythm soon!

Until next time, here are some lovely pictures of my adorable son!

Smiley boy!

Love how he looks so chill here :)

He's still a mover and a shaker, as much as an
immobile 8 week old can be!


  1. He is seriously one of the cutest babies I have ever seen!

  2. That means a lot coming from you bc I know you're as picky as I am about most (young) babies not being very cute! So thanks :) I can't wait to see how boy #2 does & doesn't look like Peyton. By that I mean how they'll totally look like brothers but also how he'll have his own features, too!