Ah, Joy

I adore my son. No, really, I ADORE him.

I wanted to write a lovely Mother's Day post to commemorate my first as a mama, but I never had time. I don't really have a lot of time right now, as my sweet sleeping boy is stirring, but I'll sure try to crank it out.

This is what a woman's lifelong
dream come true looks like.

Here's the deal: I remember Mother's Day last year. It was a sweet day, because my church loves to do baby dedications for both Mother's and Father's Day. I love seeing parents rejoicing in their darling babies and it's so good. But last year it hurt in a way that caught me completely off guard--I saw those babies clinging to their parents and I felt the sting of tears in my eyes. The ache for a child of my own was palpable.

Mama & Rog rockin' the hoodies
Little did I know that a few weeks later I would have my own first positive pregnancy test. Everything changed with those two little pink lines, and I had evidence that my beloved Rog Podge was a little cluster of rapidly multiplying cells in my belly. I was only 9 months out from roux-en y (RNY) gastric bypass surgery and shouldn't have been pregnant (my doctor about had a heart attack when I told him) but overall it was a good, sweet answer of , "Yes," from Jesus to the fervent prayers of my previously yearning heart.

Praise Jesus for a miracle pregnancy--I had no complications, and not even the seeming certainty of a huge baby came to pass. Everything was lovely and now my adorable little boy is in my arms dozens of times a day every day. It's such a sweet blessing that at least twice a week I'll be nursing him or just talking to him or gazing at him and tears will smart my eyes again, but it's tears of joy, grateful tears for prayer answered in the affirmative.

I could gush forever, or talk about the hard stuff that comes with motherhood, but I won't. I'll just say that to be a mother has been a lifelong dream, that I see Jesus' redemption at work in me, my husband, and our legacy. And, for real, I have the cutest baby boy I've ever seen. I'm honestly, truly, wholly, completely blessed.

Thank you, Jesus.

Happy baby post-bath

Seriously adorable little man!

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