Of These 100 Days: Day 0

For days 9-0 and then +1 on I'm doing a separate post each day. Enjoy!

Day 0 - March 3, 2011

Well, my darling boy, it looks like you are not going to be born on your due date. I've never heard of a labor starting and ending within 83 minutes, and that's all that remains of 3/3/2011. And that's ok! If you aren't ready, you aren't ready. But I sure want to meet you, sweet boy.

So, today we saw the doctor. I'm 2cm dilated and 50% effaced...which pretty much means nothing. I could go into full on labor in 30 seconds or not for another two weeks (sort of--more on that in a minute). They did a non-stress test on you, monitoring your heart rate and any possible contractions for about 20 minutes. You were totally healthy, moving around like the crazy little squirrelly monkey moose that you are, and the only blips on the contraction monitor happened when you were moving like crazy. But the good news is you're still seeming to be quite the healthy boy, so praise Jesus for that!

So I got my hopes up really high because I did lose parts of my mucus plug (basically, this disgusting--yes, I said it--goo that keeps you and your amniotic sac safe and separate from anything that might try to get up inside of me to you) this morning, and then after my OB appointment I started having what's called "bloody show"; yeah, that's gross, too. Seriously, my love, Jesus is a good God, but this stuff is just all sorts of fluid and goo and and blood and gunk and it's crazy town! Anyway, basically it's just slightly bloody fluid that can signify that labor is about to begin, or just that my cervix didn't like having my doctor messing around with it. I was feeling some tightening in my uterus there for a bit, too, and I thought we might be finally in go mode... but then everything slowed down and went away and now it's 8 hours later and nada. So... blurg.

Here's the rub: as best we know, the plan is that if you aren't here by Monday they'll do another non-stress test just making sure you still move around a decent bit and have a strong heart rate. At that point your daddy and I will talk with our doctor; we're pretty sure we'll pick a day to schedule an induction (possibly straight to Cesarean, depending on what she recommends) if you haven't come by that date. I sure hope you get here before any induction, even by Monday (I've actually hoped that your birthday would be March 7, 2011, and that's Monday, so feel free to oblige!) but if not there are so many risks with you staying in past 41 weeks and I just feel really uneasy about it. So yep--hopefully a week or so at most until we meet you!

I'm exhausted right now because my body was screaming for a nap this afternoon but I didn't listen to it. Plus, today was just really emotionally taxing and kind of overwhelming, being back in a position of so many decisions facing us down. But you know what? I am reminded that, as I've said before, it's already written when you'll come and how. Patience isn't my strongest suit, but it's a fruit of the Spirit and I can rely on Him for His timing in me meeting you, my sweet boy. I keep watching baby-being-born shows and I just SOB (for real, I SOB... I'm surprised that doesn't put me into labor!) when they place that baby in his/her mama's arms for the first time, aching for that moment with you. We're so close, though, Roger!

I love you, son. So ready to meet you.

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