Of These 100+ Days: Bonus Day 6

We're in the bonus! Since I'm sure Roger will be a sports enthusiast ala his parents, we're in overtime :) Doing a separate post for each day still since it likely won't get much past 6-7 days if we listen to my doctor (and we are). Enjoy!

Bonus Day 6 - March 9, 2011

Well, darling boy, I think this is is our last entry of these 100 + 6 days. The deal is, tomorrow is our induction, at the bright and shiny 7:30 am. I'm definitely in early labor now, though. My body is doing all sorts of crazy stuff, except for leaking fluid and having contractions--you know, the two things that would actually get us on our way to the hospital. 

But it's all good! We had a lovely evening--we went and got some Thai food, got a log for the fireplace and some Ben and Jerry's (that Mama decided she didn't want, so I'll have some tasty New York Super Fudge Chunk to help me keep pace with all of those calories I hope to be burning by breastfeeding you when we get home!). Anyway, it was a lovely, low-key evening--just what we were hoping for in our last night as just us two. We watched some Survivor (your mama thinks Boston Rob is the coolest) and American Idol and random Food Network goodness. We enjoyed the lack of anything pressing on us and just relaxed and look forward to a good night of sleep :)

I won't lie--I did have to check in with the on-call doctor to see if we need to go in or not, but thankfully she said we're probably safe to wait until tomorrow morning unless I start having crazy contractions or my water breaks, neither of which has happened. I'm grateful because since my induction is so close they'd likely just keep me overnight and I'd much, much rather sleep in my own bed for this last night!

So, the deal is, even if you aren't here yet by the end of the day tomorrow (though I sure as heck hope you are!) this is our last bonus day. I figure that if I spend 18 hours in the labor process it doesn't really count as a sitting around waiting for things to happen day. I mean, I will be waiting for things to happen, but it will be actual laboring to get you here! Still, I think you'll be in my arms by this time tomorrow (it's 10:49 pm, so mark that down for posterity). Oh man, I can't wait!!

So, dear Roger, what to say? I'm not feeling particularly sappy. Mainly just excited! Your daddy and I just want to meet you and finally have our little monkey moose here! Today your daddy was talking to you and telling you how much he loves you and is so ready to meet you. It melted your mama's heart. I know parenting is going to be so hard and we're embarking on a crazy town journey that will change our entire lives. But Roger, you are one super loved little boy and I praise Jesus for the sweet honor of getting to be your mama! 

I'm a little nervous about labor and the pain, but I know you will be here at the end of it so I'm ready to do this! Honestly, praise God that our induction is so early in the morning because if it were in the early afternoon I'd probably go stir crazy! So now I'm going to go to bed because I'm only 8 1/2 hours away from getting this show fully on the road! I love you so much, sweet son, and though pregnancy and getting to incubate you for these 10 months has been truly a sweet blessing and honor from Jesus I think getting to be your hands-on-mama will be even better!

One last bit--I know it's not exactly about a mother meeting her son, but Taylor Swift's Enchanted (a brilliant song!) has been flowing through my head all day for the last two days. I just think of that moment I finally get to meet you, Jesus willing, my healthy squirrelly little monkey moose wriggling on my chest, and I hear the lyrics over and over with her sweet melodic tone in my head, "I was enchanted to meet you...

My heart is full, Rog. I have no doubt that I will be enchanted to meet you. That sweet moment cannot get here quickly enough. I love you, Roger.

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